TOP 5 Best hoodsite alternative Site 2022


There is a gore-focused website called Hoodsite where you can find all the videos you want.
Among these are depictions of murder, torture, and self-inflicted pain.
There are also less violent videos like fistfights can be seen here.
All of the platform’s videos may be seen on the main page, which includes both the most popular and most recently added videos.
Users may quickly choose a film to watch based on its attractive thumbnail, descriptive title, and brief description.

hoodsite alternative

1. Xfinity Video

Although Xfinity is a well-known name in the cable and internet industry, did you realize that it also boasts an extensive film library?
Xfinity Video is only a teaser for what’s to come, so don’t waste your time.
Ultra-conservatives will find these films “shocking,” while everyone else will find them boring.
If you want to watch stuff like amusing fail videos, celebrity drama, the aftermath of a natural catastrophe, violent protest, and even explosives then YouTube is the place for you.

2:Leaked Reality

All kinds of unfiltered news media videos are available at Leaked Reality for free.


All things gory may be found on Shockgore, an internet video streaming site.
Many other types of violent movies are available, including war, murder, and other types of crime as well as natural disasters and other types of human transgressions.
Uploading one’s own videos to the site is open to everyone.
Video tags and descriptions may be added to each video as well as likes, dislikes, and comments from viewers.
They may even be downloaded or shared by the end-users themselves, as well.

4:Daily Mail

Among the topics covered by The DailyMail are politics, celebrities, sports, and scientific developments.
The Daily Mail seems to control its own content, although this isn’t the case.
You’ll quickly discover that the Videos part of its website isn’t lacking.

5:The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory is a crazy ride, with a selection of extreme horror films and a gruesome blog to keep you awake at night.
You must have JavaScript and Flash Player 8+ support to browse the website.


The phrase “WorldStar!” may be yelled out if you ever witness a wild brawl break out in public.
WorldStarHipHop is well-known for being a hotbed of public brawls, and with good reason.

You’ll find the most popular videos at the top of the page, under Trending Now.
You’ll see some music videos if you keep scrolling down a little.

7:Damaged Corpse

Corperation Damage features a complicated user interface and some stuff that has not been properly filtered.

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