How can I promote myself on Instagram

Collaborate with Influencers. Another way to increase visibility and followers is to partner with influencers who are in the same niche as you.

It is clear that if you have few followers and the influencer you want to contact has 4 million you have to make sure that your content, in particular the one in which you would like to involve them, also benefits her.

To contact an influencer you can send him a message on Instagram and, when he replies, start a dialogue with him by presenting your project, explaining who you are and what you do and how you would like to involve him.

Here are ways to increase your chances of success and your free Instagram followers.

  • To reach the person you are interested in involving you can:
  • try to find a common point with her.
  • if the character you want to get to is too well known for you, you can start by interviewing people who are close to him.

I advise against the ” ad minchiam ” use of tags towards someone who has billions of followers and who, inevitably, will never notice you or, in the worst case scenario, could be bothered by the aggressiveness of a tag placed on a content that it does not belong to him and the author of which he does not know. I wrote a post about how to contact an influencer and get a response. I’ve also put in some examples of what to write that you can copy and edit at your leisure!

Alternatively, a tool that you can use to find partners is Mention which gives you the opportunity to find out which contents and profiles generate the most interactions. If you want to increase free Instagram followers by collaborating with influencers but you just can’t do it, I suggest you use Instagram auto liker without login.

Join the Telegram Engagement Groups

They are groups where Like and Comments are exchanged. Their purpose is to get you to get the most likes so that you end up in the ” Popular ” section of the hashtags inserted in the photo and consequently increase your Instagram followers.

If you want to be part of these groups remember to always follow the rules, otherwise you risk being banned.

If you want some links to be part of these Telegram groups visit this page with the list of the best Pods in circulation. And you can get some ideas about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes from the contents that we have mentioned.

Frequent questions

Okay, I’ve decided to answer some of the questions I get asked most often.

Are there any apps to increase Instagram followers?

Honestly? I don’t know and I don’t care! What’s the point of having dozens of followers who don’t interact with you? None! In fact I’ll tell you more: increasing followers using apps only leads to the destruction of your profile. By now the Instagram algorithm realizes where the followers come from and penalizes those who use apps or other tricks.

Do you have any tricks to increase followers?

No! There are no secret tricks or systems to increase followers. The only way is to work well, follow the advice in this guide and post interesting content.

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