How Can You Implement International SEO

In case if you are thinking of expanding your business to the international level, then it is important to ensure that you are focusing on your visibility worldwide. Hence targeting International SEO is the right way to do so. In case you do any of the customer segments that speak various languages or if you are targeting a business for the global scale customer, then the SEO will help you out. With the application of the best practices for SEO to your website, you can target more and more traffic to make your expansion more obvious and significant.

What is international SEO?

Before you opt for SEO marketing for your business on an international basis, it is important to know what international SEO actually is.  International SEO refers to the optimization of the search engine presence for the audience base who reside in various other countries. With the help of geo-targeting, localized signals, hreflang tags, it becomes easier to target the content for your global world.

Google works to match search results for the language and location of the searcher. It includes the special signals on your website, which helps the search engines to know when your content can be suitable for a particular country.

Steps to implement International SEO to your marketing:

Before you go implementing the SEO for the marketing in your website, it is important to ensure that you are doing it in the proper way. Hence, you have to follow a few simple steps to target the International SEO boost for your website.

Here is how you can do it step by step to enhance your visibility on a global market:

Step 1: First, you need to consider what international content you will offer:

Whether your goal is optimizing your search results based on the language or geo-targeting, you need to determine what kind of content you should offer.  Similar to some sites, you can target a language based on a country. You can also target your content with the AND language choice, similar to eBay. It can help you separate your marketplace based on the various local languages of different countries. A simple way of translating your English content to many languages can create a more customized experience. At the same time, it is important to go through precise research on what kind of content your audience will like. This can vary based on the choice and preferences of the customers from various customer bases of various countries.

If you are not sure about which countries to optimize for your international SEO implementation, then make your search more intense. Identify those countries which generated a lot of traffic to your use. You can also use the free analytic tools.

Step 2: Opt for an URL structure that is international SEO-friendly: 

Your URL structure has a great impact on the search results. It helps Google to figure out which pages you should show your searchers. This works as an integral part of geo-targeting, which is focused on the location.

Most businesses set up a completely new website to target a country or to add a subdirectory structure to their website. However, while building up the URL for your international SEO implementation, it needs to have the proper focus on its structure. Using a subdirectory structure for your URL is much easier to create and maintain. At the same time, adding subdirectories to your website is more cost-effective. If you are thinking of serving various companies across multiple countries, then creating an SEO-friendly URL helps in better ways.

Step 3: Consider hreflang tags to target language:

Hreflang tags refer to the small snippets made of code that is used on websites for multiple languages. It helps the search engines to pair with the language searchers. For example, Spanish people will see your content in Spanish. 

A hreflang tag becomes useful if you are offering translations for your content in the subdomain or subdirectories. The search engines can detect the language of a page even without the hreflang tags. However, the tags help in preventing different page versions from competing with the results of each other. However, the tags are not necessary while you use separate domains. However, for the same domain, it is better to use the tag to boost your SEO more strategically.

While setting the hreflang tag to your content, keep in mind that it accompanies the version of your URL properly on your website. It will help in avoiding the competition between your own content on your site.  Use the mandatory language codes. Also, you can add the country code to specify the location.

Step 4: Add more signals for your international SEO:

The localization of your content goes above the technical choices. Your international SEO requires more touch up in it. Here is how you can add more signals to your international SEO to add more value to it:

      Consider using the Search Engine preference. Google holds the largest share in the searches on the Internet, but it is not suitable for all the countries. Various countries prioritize various search engines. It is better to explore more about how to optimize your SEO for the other search engines also.

      Create target content that fits the device’s preferences. People from different countries like to access the Internet in various ways. Thus, make your content much easier to digest through the most popular devices that help you to get better reach.

      You can consider the additional signals for geo-targeting, which will help you to have better reach. You can consider using the links of your social media presence. Displaying the prices in local currencies is also a much better idea. You can also include various location data for your local outlets.

      Focus on making your presence attractive and enticing. While you go to target a local group of audiences, prioritizing their color preference, design, and aesthetics preferences, the content organization will help you to win their interest. Make sure you have translated your content, which is prepared by a native speaker, and have the proper review process.


When it comes to targeting the International SEO for your business, the efforts get doubled. However, make sure you are following all the necessary steps to target SEO growth in the best way. Ensure that you are adding value to what you are creating for your audience to target better business expansion.

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