How to Activate Read Receipts in Outlook?

By | February 8, 2019

Outlook is the finest email client applications we have ever seen. The application offers you an extensive range of features along with multi-tasking. You can switch from one email accounts to the other and send/receive messages on any account for personal and professional range. You can add as many accounts to Outlook as you want.

Another feature which makes this application stands out in the massive crowd is receipt feature. This feature not only let you know either the person to whom you send the message has read it or not.

This feature can be applied on a single person or single URL or all Emails you send to the clients or personal.

This will notify you whether the email has been sent or not. You will get peace of mind by learning the important email has been sent out and opened by the client, with data and time. Let’s see how the feature works and how can we manage it for all emails sent out from the account automatically.

Enable Receipts for All emails you send automatically:

1) Open Outlook application

2) Login using your email or phone and provide the password

3) Open Files

4 Click on the options the left down side of the windows

5) Click on mail

Scroll down a little and see the tracking option

Now, you can see the two options, one for the delivery receipt and the second for the read receipt. The first one will notify you that the message has been sent successfully. The second will let you know the recipient has opened, read or viewed your message with time and date.

Click ok

Receipt for a single message or Email address:

Again login to your outlook account and compile the message or Email with an Email address.

Now, you click on the options tab and you can click on either of the two boxes or the one you want.

And send the message as usual you send.

Difference between delivery receipt and Read Receipt:

The delivery receipt will indicate that either the email was delivered to receipt in the inbox and will notify you with a pop-up.

The read receipt will indicate either the email was opened or read by the account you send directly. This feature as well as notifies you with a pop-up.

As I mentioned above, you can set it for a single message or all messages or emails.



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