How To Audit Your Company's Technology Stack

Three Major Ways You Can Audit Your Company’s Technology Stack Without Any Hassle

Most businesses need multiple software tools to be successful amid other competitors. Those companies tend to leverage numerous apps to build a technology stack that can help them achieve their business goals. As per HubSpot Partner, Denamico, tech stack is a group of technology-based tools and software that have the potential to help businesses operate, market, and produce sales effectively. Marketers should be nimble and precise while building their technology stack. After all, 65% of companies have up to five redundant tools in their stacks. 82% of employees end up losing up to an hour each day in an attempt to manage different ṭechnologies. 72% of salespeople invest at least an hour in data entry and connecting records from multiple sales tools.

All in all, too much technology can make your business less efficient. Only the right ones can help you run your business effectively. Thus, it is mandatory to audit your company’s technology stack to ensure that you don’t spend money or time on something that isn’t worth your business goals. Here are the top three effective ways to audit your technology stack.

1. Follow your business goals

Follow your business goals

Let’s say you have moved into a new apartment for some reason. So, you won’t buy everything right after your shift. Right? You will make a list of the things that you need the most and buy only those for the time being. In other words, you buy only the essential products that your new apartment needs. It is the same thing when you have to build your technology stack for your company. Buy the tools and software that will help you achieve your business goals. If required, make a list of the requirements and see if your tools fulfill all of them.

Here’s how you can make the most of your business goals:

  • Think strategically and do not spend on tools that your company doesn’t need right now.

  • Define your company’s goals before buying the technologies.

  • Identify the type of software and tools that you need to conduct your business strategies.

According to computer science experts at MyAssignmenthelp, every tool that a business buys should fulfill an important purpose. Things may be easier if you make a table like the one shown below. Sit will enhance the efficiency of your decision-making process and help you invest in the right tools.



Tool Purpose

Possible Tools

Nurture our existing ‘animal care’ prospects and identify insights

Pets are Family- an email series that teaches the basics of pet care

Marketing automation

  • HubSpot

  • ActiveCampaign

Table: Redefine your business goals

2. Assess your current technology stack

 Assess your current technology stack

You may have built a solid technology stack three to five years back. But, what if your business prospects change with time? What if you don’t upgrade your current technology and end up using the poorer versions? Thus, it is crucial for every company to assess their existing technology stack to make sure they re the using the correct, updated version of each technology. Technology is constantly evolving. Your business is also changing and growing over time. The tools that had worked three years back may not be applicable in the current year.

What’s the importance of daily audit?

  • It helps you determine which tools are working out for your business and which you don’t need at all.

  • You can integrate new features in the existing technologies for better efficiency.

  • You can make accurate decisions when it comes to removing or replacing the tools in your technology stack.

Make sure you audit your existing technology at least twice a year. It is even better if you could do it daily. An audit will help you identify the tools that are imperative to your team’s success. You can make the right decisions on the basis of insights that you gathered from the audit. Who likes to spend too much on tools that you don’t even need? Regular audits or assessments can help you spend wisely.

3. Ask the right questions

 Ask the right questions

Whether you are building a new tech stack or working on your existing stack, there are certain questions you must ask to meet your goals successfully. At times, even daily audits or your company’s goals may not help you build a perfect technology stack. You may find one or two unnecessary tools in the list whatsoever. That is when you can try asking these questions to yourself so that you leave no loopholes behind while building the perfect technology stack for your company. Also, new apps and updates are launched every day. So, you have to make sure you are familiar with all the new launches.

Here’s what you should ask before building your technology stack:

  • Are there any gaps in the existing tech stack?

  • Is your team able to handle all the tools in the stack?

  • Are any tools overlapping across teams?

  • Do any tools overlap in terms of functionality?

  • Does any tool have the potential to serve multiple needs for the company?

You can build a successful technology stack for your company once you come up with the answers to these questions. You will have a clear path to follow without any hassle. It can also help you secure the tools you need and decide the software budget accordingly. You can take the right action after you know what to do with the tools in your company’s technology stack. Get rid of the ones that do not serve any purpose. And try to incorporate tools that can serve more than one purposes.

Wrapping Up,

These three steps are all you need to optimize the technology stack of your company for maximum efficiency. You can maximize the use of tools, software and other technologies for the best productivity of your business. As per the experts at Essaycritics, auditing your tech stack can help you save time and money. You can get the best technologies for your company within your given budget.

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