How to change/reset your outlook password?

By | February 7, 2019

Microsoft’s finest product Mail outlook or Outlook has crossed 400 million active users. This is one of the best email clients in the world, and everything has just been sorted out with this application. I had to send emails like in hundreds in one day using different email addresses. Now, I have added all accounts on Outlook and can send without any hiccup.

If you are also the one who needs a standout email client application, go for Outlook, you would not regret the decision ever.

The problem is, not in outlook, but we face this in all email client applications, that when we connect an account to outlook, you provide the email address and password of the account so that outlook could reach the email server. We have also shared you how to configure a Gmail account in outlook and send/receive emails using outlook.

But, when we change the password of a particular email address, then you will also change the password in outlook, if not, then outlook will never be able to reach your email server and get the message in your outlook inbox.

How to change/Reset Outlook Password:

There are more than ways to change the password. We can share all the possible ways to get this done, but it would not help you much. We choose the most suitable and short way to get the password reset. Just follow us and get the outlook password reset in a moment.

Go to the Outlook password reset page (

Provide your outlook email address and click on the next

Now, you see a new Windows, on the above section of it, you see the email address you are trying to recover.

And under the section “Where Should we Contact you”, Provide a new Email address. It can be any Email address, and you receive a password at that Email address, verify the password first.

Now, if this was the Email address or alternate phone what you had provided the Microsoft while creating the account, it will send the one time password to it and link to change the password. If this was not, you receive no passcode or any link to change the password.


If you have turned on the two-step verification, some apps and the devices would not take the password as correct. So, instead of the regular password, you will need the app password to get the account back

What If I have not given any security info?

Yes, it is quite possible that you have not provided an alternate email address or phone number to contact you in time of need. And in this scenario, you get no security code, Microsoft will send no code anywhere, what should you do then?

You need to click on “I didn’t get any security code” tab; a new window will be prompted.

Now, it will ask you some security questions. There is no specific pattern of the security questions; it could be anything related to your account. It could be your date of birth, the month or year your created account, you have no need to answer every question, just provide the answer about which you are 100 percent sure true.


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