How to Choose the Right Material for Your Next Exterior Design Project

Today 3d exterior design is gaining popularity.  However, what is it, and why are so many people turning to this service now?

Exterior visualization is a relatively new service.

Visualization will help the client see his home in the smallest detail even before construction begins.

Even 10 years ago, it was something of a fantasy to imagine that one could “walk” around the house and the adjacent territory of the future cottage.  Today, a service such as 3D exterior visualization makes this a reality.

Today, many companies render exteriors of any complexity – be it a cottage or an office building.  This service will decorate any presentation and is ideal for advertising an object.  The drawings will not even come close to show the house as it is.

Benefits of architectural 3D visualization:

-Ability to view the building from different angles and sides.

– You can immediately make changes at the request of the customer – change the color, texture.

-Convenience for advertising.  You can choose the most suitable angle for placement in brochures or on big boards.

-It is possible to study the landscape in order to decide in advance on the design.

By ordering a visualization, you get gorgeous three-dimensional images from the most favorable angles.  This service is now especially popular among real estate agencies.  After all, the client does not even have to go to the place for viewing, he can wander around using a laptop or phone.

Today they are rendering such objects:

-Private houses.

-Industrial facilities, warehouses, buildings.

-Housing complexes.

-Business centers, shopping malls.

-General plans of the territory, cottage settlements.

It is very difficult to form an opinion about an object with only drawings in front of your eyes.  Even when correcting something, you only change the line or label.  And the visualization immediately shows how the appearance of the building changes after manipulation.  This helps not only to choose the best, from the point of view of the client, design and architecture of the building, but also to consider the entire adjoining territory, to refine it.  Every tree, bush, path will be visible.  The client will immediately be able to choose the landscape design that is ideal for his cottage.

To make such services a reality, many companies use the most powerful computers and programs 3D Max, After effects, Corona, Photoshop and others.  The picture is displayed on the screen as quickly as possible, and changes also quickly take effect if the customer makes adjustments.  All such work comes down to the fulfillment of the customer’s desire to build a high-quality, beautiful house according to an individual project.  3D visualization of the exterior helps in this like no other.  The picture is so realistic down to the smallest detail that you get the impression that you are walking through a real built cottage.

And to order such a service, you just need to find good professionals in their field and order the necessary visualization. However, before that, it is best to study everything and find more info.


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