How to create a backup of outlook emails, messages and contacts?

By | February 2, 2019

Outlook application ranks top on the list of best email client software around the world. If you are using Outlook for the business, the information outlook holds are vitally important. Losing the data, contacts or email address can damage your business. In this way, you not only lose the information but would not be able to track your orders or additional details.

If you are using Outlook personal, chatting with friends, or others, that information is important too. You need to make sure, all data saved in your outlook account does not go crashing. You need to make a backup copy of the data and save it to your local storage or cloud. Cloud could be a proper place to save such valuable information, and you access them anywhere as well.

It would not be hard learning backup of outlook information; many of us do not think backup could be that helpful. But, in my opinion, you say that until you do not lose the data. So, sit tight and keep reading this post to learn the ways to get the outlook account or data backup.

Do you need to backup Outlook?

There are obvious reasons for back up outlook account. Not just for the outlook, we recommend backup data for stuff valuable online. You in no time could lose the data, it can be forgetting the password or just something someone else got the access to your account and has wiped off all data stored in it.

If you find the processing boarding, then at least must go for back up the email addresses, emails and contacts.

Because, you cannot afford to lose your valuable clients available online, probably, your client would not have your contact number or addresses as you contacted online using an email address.

How to backup outlook emails and email addresses?

There can be more than one ways to backup information available in Outlook. We are going to provide you the method which is very easy to use and a layman could understand.

Export emails to PST Format:

Exporting emails and messages to PST formats is the simplest and effective ways to get the data stored.

A PST files or .pst extension is the information outlook or Microsoft products used to store emails and contacts. These are the examples outlook saved in PST format.

  • Your email folders
  • Contacts
  • Email addresses information
  • Calendars

You can access the PST files anywhere stored in the computer or server. You also can copy the format of it and store at any other locations you want.

1) Access import/expect section

Firstly, you need to reach the Import/export section. Just tap on the file and under the Info section you see Open and export tab, tap on it.







Click on this option and you will reach at import/export section simply.

When you click on this, the system will take you to your inbox and a new Wizard display showing different information. You just stick to the Export the file task and tap on it.

Select export to file and this will take you to the type of files you want the information to be saved in. Click on the PST formats what we have discussed earlier in here.

Now, when you have done selecting the file type you will be directed to the folder you want to export data from.

Here you can use the scroll bar to see all folders available for selecting and clicking on the next button.

Now, it will ask you to provide the path where you are desired to store this PST format file. You can select any path in your computer for the data to be saved in. Here it will also ask you to mention the duplicate content method. Like, if you want to duplicate contents replace with the exported files or allow the duplicate items to be created.

You can also change the name of the file as well.

Now, you have done the job of exporting the file, click on the Finish button and you also can create a password for this, can skip the option.

Now, you need to check the files that you have just exported go at the location and see if the data is available or not.

You simply can have these files and folder saved at any location you want. Save them in your folder lock, save it on a cloud or just have it in your computer’s disk.




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