With more than 1 billion active monthly users and a total of 1.5 billion accounts, Gmail is the single most used email service in the world.

When you make a Gmail account, you get access to Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, and other services by Google. A Gmail account is a gateway into the digital realm for most of us.

Google constantly makes efforts to prevent cases of email spy and this has made getting past all the security measures difficult. But it’s still possible.

Is Hacking a Gmail Account Even Possible?

The thing is, Google will make you believe that it’s out of the realm of possibility to hack a Gmail account, but that’s not entirely true. No matter how solid a security measure is, it can always be subdued.

You just need three things to hack a Gmail account:

  • Time.

  • Effort.

  • Money.

If you want to know how to get into someone’s Gmail without the password, this text will cover some of the common and effective methods that you can use for this.

When You Might Want to Become a Gmail Hacker?

Contrary to popular belief, hacking is not always done for vested interests or as a means to harm or blackmail others. There can be a ton of situations where you can need to hack a Gmail account for good intentions, like:

  • Keeping an eye on the YouTube videos your kid is consuming as YouTube works with a Gmail account.

  • Deleting emails/photos from the account of a former lover/spouse to avoid blackmailing.

  • Checking the social media accounts of a minor that uses a Gmail account as the backup email.

  • Checking the places visited by someone who’s missing.

  • Keeping an eye on your employees.

  • Retrieving your own Gmail account after you lose the password and recovery methods.

How to Get into Someone’s Gmail Without a Password?

You don’t need to be a Gmail hacker to hack someone’s Gmail account. Here are the top three methods that you can use for this:

1. Phishing

This method is the most technical one of the bunch. It needs you to have an in-depth knowledge of computers and web pages to be successful. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Download Gmail Phishing Page Files
    Once you download these page files from the internet, they can be used to create a fake Gmail sign-in page where the target will enter the password, and it will be sent to you.
  • Sign up on 000webhost
    This is a service where you can make web pages for free. Sign up to gain free access.
  • Make the Phishing Page

The next thing you need to do is to go to the Control Panel on 000webhost, then Add New Site, and then Upload Own.

  • Upload the Site
    Upload the files you downloaded in the first step, and a site will be created. Get the link to the site.
  • Send the link to the Target
    Once all that is done, just send the link of the site to the target. Thinking that this is the Gmail Login page, they’ll enter their credentials, and you’ll get them.

That’s how to hack a Gmail account by phishing. As you can tell, it is not a simple method. Let’s see some easy ones.

2. Use Browser’s Password Manager

Another method of hacking into a Gmail account is by using the browser’s password manager. This method is simple but has some limitations. They include:

  • The target must be using a password manager to remember their passwords.

  • You need to access the computer/smartphone of the target.

  • Password managers often have passwords of their own.

If you want to know how to hack someone’s Gmail account in the simplest way, there’s a method that never fails. It’s the following.

3. Use a Keylogger

A keylogger is software that records every keystroke that is registered on a device. It also tells you which key was taped in which text entry field.

You can then go back to the target device to extract the logs, or you can set the keylogger to forward the logs to you via email.

Spying apps, like mSpy, come equipped with a keylogger that can be used to extract Gmail passwords and hence get into any Gmail account.

Let’s see how mSpy Keylogger works.

Using mSpy Keylogger to Get Gmail Password

All you need to do is to install the mSpy keylogger on the target device, and it will run in the background to retrieve the data you need to hack the target’s Gmail account.

Installing the app is very easy. It is available for iOS as well as Android devices. And once installed, it’s very easy to use.

The way mSpy works is that it first keeps track of the app that is open on the screen. Once that is known, it moves to the text entry field the user is in. This way, it can log exactly what was written in which data entry field.

So as soon as your target logs into their Gmail after you have installed this app on their device, you can learn their login credentials and can get into their Gmail.

Why is mSpy the Best Spying App Available?

Now that you have learned how to hack into Gmail let’s learn some more about mSpy.

mSpy is not just a keylogger but an all-around spying app that can give you accurate information on every last thing that the target is accessing through their device.

The things that make mSpy the best spying app include:

  • It is easy to install.

  • It offers features like screen recording, keyword alerts, and GPS data collection.

  • You can even monitor all the messaging apps on the target device.

  • It works totally in the background, and the target will never notice it.

  • It works for iPhone, iPad, and any Android device.

  • You don’t need to access the target device once it is installed.

  • All the collected data is sent to you once every 5 minutes.

  • It also keeps an eye on the call log of the target device.

We think now you know how to hack Gmail.


Owing to the incredible security of Gmail, the only way you can get into someone’s Gmail account is by having access to their password.

There are a number of ways that you can use to get the Gmail password of the target. By far, the best method we’ve found for this is mSpy keylogger.

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