How to Improve Sales Conversations By cNumber?

Connecting with your visitors, showcasing them your products/services, and converting them to leads. All of this completes the sales cycle. Sounds simple, right? 

Do you know the average conversion rate across multiple industries is 2.35%? And do you know the prime reason here is the incompetent communication system? If yes, then you must know what 0300 numbers are and how do cNumber-like service providers help increase conversion rates.

How to Improve Sales Conversations By cNumber?

If not, don’t worry. This article will explain to you everything that you need to know about 0300 numbers provided by cNumber. 

What are 0300 numbers?

0300 serves as the area code or the prefix that you need to add before dialing the seven-digit phone number. What’s best about these numbers is the fact that 0300 numbers aren’t limited to a particular region. 

Meaning that customers from all across the globe can call and connect with your business. cNumber is one of the leading phone number service providers in the UK. Offering cheaper and affordable prices, cNumber would give you the ease to buy 0300 numbers. 

After knowing what 0300 numbers are and how cNumber can be of help, the next question is how to leverage these numbers to improve your sales. 

How to improve sales conversion with cNumber? 

1. Affordable communication

Often, it is noted that organizations lose out of their potential clients only because of their flawed communication system. The traditional phone numbers suffer from high call costs, preventing customers from calling or connecting with the organization. 

On the other hand, the phone numbers provided by cNumber are cheap and don’t require you to pay much. On the other hand, the 0300 numbers give the ease to make calls for free. 

2. Reassessing Information

What does that mean? With cNumber you can capture data when in a call with a potential customer. Suppose that a customer places a call and after the same ends, you do not hear back from the customer. This makes you curious as to why has the person not called you back. 

In order to analyze the last conversation and find out gaps, these virtual numbers by cNumber would be of great help. What you can do is leverage the call recording feature and then revisit these recordings in the future. This will help you get insights on what went wrong or what were the customer expectations. 

Not only can you retarget the same client with a better offer but also use it to streamline other sales operations. 

3. CRM Integration

Another benefit of using 0300 virtual numbers is that they allow you to integrate the communication channel with the CRM software. You can store all of your customer’s information on these tools.

Having all of the customer information under a single place gives you the flexibility to reach out to your prospects better and faster. 

Also, it brings in transparency within the organization as every separate would have the same data. Whether sales or marketing, all can effectively leverage the data to close deals better.

CRM software has built-in analytics that renders significant information about customer’s sentiments. This allows you to make data-driven decisions, increasing the end to end the possibility of converting customers.

4. 24/7 assistance

Irrespective of what time of the day your prospects reach out, you will always be up and active. The virtual numbers support the feature of integrated voice response. As virtual agents they talk to your customers, gathering information about their problems, and sending them to the voicemail. 

The IVR facility also facilitates call transferring or call forwarding to the right executive in case one is not active. This way your customers will never have to leave the call unattended. Not to mention the fact that a happy visitor is a potential customer.


Primarily designed to help the public sector unit, 0300 numbers offer ease and communicate with ease. For people staying in the UK and looking for numbers for their organizations, 0300 numbers by cNumber serve the purpose best.

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