How To Play Gomoku

History of  Gomoku?

In this article, we will cover  How To Play Gomoku game
Gomoku is a two-player card game.
The grid is five by five, and the pieces are black on one side and white on the other.
The game’s objective is to get five consecutive cards before your opponent.
After that, you may hop across any number of adjacent vertically or horizontally aligned opponent pieces.

If you have more than five consecutive pieces on the board after your turn, you must remove them before making another move.
After then, you may continue playing if a line of pieces may be skipped.

Do You Need A How To Play Gomoku?

how to play  Gomoku is a traditional Japanese board game for two players that is similar but more challenging than tic-tac-toe.
Players take turns placing black and white pieces on the board to build a continuous line of five elements in any direction.
A typical Gomoku board features a 1515 grid of lines. However, the game may also be played on a 1919 Go board

benefit How To Play Gomoku?

A further benefit of  How To Play Gomoku games through iMessage is that you do not have to play the whole game simultaneously. Go to your turn whenever the chance presents itself. Likewise, the opposing player would do the same. Each turn in iMessage is transmitted as a separate message, allowing you to open the letter, see what the other player has played, do your favor, and then send the news when the time is optimal.
It’s complicated. Thus, we should start!

Rules of how to play  Gomoku

The rule of  How To Play Gomoku is straightforward. Players rotate their chances by putting their colored (black or white) stone at an empty intersection. The initial play belongs to Black.

Purpose of  how to play  Gomoku

The How To Play Gomoku purpose is to build a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical chain of five identically colored stones, and the winner is the first person to accomplish so. If you make a line of more than five pieces, they are referred to as overlines and are not tallied.

Variety of Gomoku

These are some frequent varieties of the Gomoku.

Freestyle Gomoku

Freestyle Gomoku has no restrictions for either player and lets them win by building a line of five or more stones by taking turns putting a stone.


Black has long been believed to confer a competitive advantage.
Renju attempts to balance the game by introducing additional rules to reduce the first-player benefit of Black.
It is played on a 1515 board with three and three, four and four directions, and Black is the only player who receives overlines.


Omok is comparable to Freestyle Gomoku, except that it is played on a 1919 board and features the three and three rule.


Ninuki Renju, commonly known as Wu, is a variant that adds capturing to the game; the opponent may use custodial capture to take a pair of stones of the same color (where two lines of rocks are sandwiched along their length).


Pente is similar to Ninuki-Renju in that it employs the same custodial capture technique, but it is often played on a 1919 board and lacks the three-and-three, four-and-four, and overline restrictions.


Instructions on How to Play Gomoku

Following these steps will teach you how to play Gomoku: gomoku rules

  • In Gomoku, two players take turns laying stones on the board.
  • The objective of this game is to line up five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Players may put their initial stone wherever on the board but must then play one stone every round afterward.
  • You win if you can build a line of five before your opponent.
  • To make the game simpler for novices, there are a few fundamental maneuvers they may use.

Additional Games Like Gomoku

Are you searching for an exciting game that will keep your mind sharp?How To Play Gomoku
Five games similar to Gomoku, often called Connect 5, have been assembled.
The selected games provide varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to discover one that meets your requirements.

If you want to begin playing immediately, click the link!

  • First: Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Two: Four Consecutive
  • Three: Match Six
  • Four: Ninety-Nine Five: Number Link

how to play imessage games

How To Play Gomoku on iMessage with a buddy, you must install the game inside the Messages app.
These games are only playable inside iMessage and not as independent applications on your smartphone.

  • Launch the Messages app on your iPhone and start an iMessage discussion.
    You may either start a new conversation or join an existing one.
  • To access the App Drawer, tap the symbol to the left of the message box.
  • You will see the available iMessage app selections.
    Tap the App Shop icon inside iMessage to launch the App Store.
  • Tap the search icon in the upper right corner of the new overlay window, and then search for GamePigeon.
  • After the search result is shown, you must hit the “Get” button next to GamePigeon.
  • The GamePigeon will be added to the iMessage toolbar.

How To Play Gomoku

After putting the GamePigeon app into your messaging toolbar, it is time to begin playing the game.

  • Close the app store and go back to the app drawer.
  • You must slide to the left to access the icons on the right and then press the green GamePigeon symbol.
  • Inside the GamePigeon, you will find a list of all accessible games.
  • It would help if you touched the thumbnail for the Gomoku game.


  • The game should then load inside the message textbox.
  • It would be best if you touched the Send button for the other person to get the game invitation over iMessage.
  • How To Play Gomoku
  • tac swap


How To Play Gomoku is unquestionably a thrilling pastime game for you and your pals, which can be played at your leisure.
This reduces the time spent playing the game since it does not have to be completed in one sitting.

In addition, because you are playing Gomoku on iMessage, I will send you a message.
It also enables you to converse with another individual. Thus, it benefits both of you.

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