How to recall an email in outlook?

By | February 10, 2019

It feels embarrassing sending a wrong message or email to the wrong person. Or you can say it doubles the embarrassing when you send an email with an embarrassing mistake to your colleagues, teacher or boss. Go one step ahead, what if you have sent the same email to a team, class or a group of friends? You just have accidentally done this; you were not aware of the mistake or did not know you checked the “reply all” button before typing.

Before you freak out and pull your hair out, we got a suitable solution. We got the magic by using which you would make all the emails and messages back to your computer.

If you are using a Microsoft outlook as email client exchange server you can follow the mentioned method to recall the sent mail. Microsoft outlook recall feature makes you have that message before but edit it and send back.

In this guide, we are sharing a simple method to recall emails on Outlook and see the step-by-step guide to pull those emails back from the brink.

How to recall an email sent using Outlook?

You need to open the outlook, open the sent items and check for emails you just have sent accidentally or made some embarrassing mistakes and want its recalls.

  • Double click that email to get it fully opened on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Make sure you are under the message tab
  • Now, check on the actions tab, and in the drop-down, you see recall this message button. Now, this will show some pop-up and you act accordingly your need.
  • (Here you might need an exchange account for the option. If you have set up your Gmail account over Outlook, it might ask you to get further permissions from Gmail. If you do not have this access, you probably would not be able to get this done. And some email service providers just block this option; it depends upon your organization. As per my experience, all leading email service provider allows you to get a recall and would not block this).
  • Now, see the recall windows which allow you to choose simply between deleting the sent email unread copies, or correct the mistakes and then send it back to all. You even can have set a response on the recalls, whether the recall was succeeded or not.
  • If you just have sent the wrong message to a wrong person and want that to be deleted just follow the delete the unread copies of this messages and click on OK button.
  • Suppose you chose the second option, where you want to correct the mistakes, want to make some changes, and send the emails back to them again. A new screen will open; you compose the new message and select the send button when you are ready to start the recall process.

The recall message will not disappear if you go with the second option, but the outlook will update that message with the new one.

Does recall always work?

The recall function of procedure works on if the recipient has not read or opened your email. If the recipient has already opened the email the recall function does not work the way you are intended.

What can you do when someone already has seen the mistake or read the email you mistakenly send. In this scenario, the recipient will get a message that you want to delete the first email. It will remain in the outlook system once the email is opened. So, it is vitally important to act quickly and make changes as fast as possible.

The recall functions only work when the message is in your inbox. If the message activated the filter, and it has gone to other folders, you cannot just delete or update them. It works only in the inbox folder before someone opens the message.

The public folders double up the complications if someone just opened the emails and read it. You even cannot track who has read this and now it will not be allowed to update or delete.

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