How to recover an Outlook account?

By | February 6, 2019

I have been viewing the many variations of the same questions in some weeks. Today, I decided to come up with a little guide which could help the users to get the account back. All of them were claiming that they provided everything right but not getting the access of the account.

If you do not have the access to the phone number or alternate email address, you are going to stick into a severe traffic jam for sure.

Microsoft is battling the hardest fight of account theft. Every then and now we have been witnessing how account theft can damage the business as well as professional lives. People just cannot afford to lose the professional and personal information stored over the email account.

So, it is critical these days that keep your recovery information up to date so that if you move your location, and Microsoft just got a suspicious location activity and block the account, you get it back using the options in hand.

Account recovery:

At the, the home screen, click on the cant access your account button and it will take you to a new screen.

Now, the new windows options are neatly written in English, just read them loud and let your conscious mind hear what they are.

Now, you get a screen from where you can have the right answer if you just could provide the right information in the hand. Do you believe that you have forgotten the password, or you just know the password but not able to access? The third viable option should proceed if you really think someone has hacked the account and continue using it. In our case, we go with the second option.

The Microsoft will display the same screen again and will insist to provide the email address once again which is quite a good point at this stage. I have seen people in hassle providing the wrong email addresses again and again. Just take a deep breath, and open your eyes to see the right spellings of the email address. This page can help you open your account at the moment if it was the typo error.

In the next page, I have seen people ripping their hair out just because they did not provide the alternate email address or the phone number. If you have provided the phone number, just choose what you can access right now.

If you have the access to the any and have received the code, 25 characters long code. Provide at the next screen, if not then opt with “I do not have the access to these options right now” or you do not use them.

Now, you will go to a different way to prove that it is you open the account and had forgotten the password.

Again you will be the screen where you need to provide the current email address what you are trying to recover and the email address at where you could be contacted. Just fill it up again and click on the next button.

  • Now, you will be on the next page where you provide the Outlook information as much as you can. Like, the first name, last name, date of birth and the passwords you have had used at this account.
  • The information can be
  • Name with the date of birth
  • Location
  • The security questions
  • The Old passwords
  • The Subject lines of the emails you have sent recently
  • The names of the folders you created recently
  • The email address at which you recently sent emails
  • Billing information, credit cared for information or any location


You need to provide as much information possible as you can. It will be upon the Microsoft analysis tools to decide whether you are the owner of the account and the right person to go with.

This can lead you to another page asking some more relevant questions. If you are the owner of the account and remember everything vivid what you created or sent in recent days. You will be able to get the account back, if you are imitating someone, you will not.

It is also possible you are the owner of the account but could not remember enough information regarding the account. In this way, you may be blocked for a specified time span. It can be 14 days or 28 days. After the completion of this time period, the account will be automatically open and you get an email at the provided email address.

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