How to repair Outlook files using Outlook repair tool?

By | February 3, 2019

Do you know every message we sent to a client, every email we compile and every contact we make using outlook is recorded and stored in our PC?

Yes, Outlook makes this record for our convenience, so that we could access them, analyze and restore if something bad happens. But, what if the file that stores all the data is crashed in outlook and you are not able to access this?


Could there be an alternative way by following we could access the same files and data? Yes, Outlook knows this and aware of the consequences of email data loss. This client email application has developed some of the outstanding software what not only analyze the data and restore it back but offers dozens of other handy features.

What are Outlook PST and OST Files?

A PST file folder is responsible for holding our contacts, journal, notes, emails, and other calendars records. When we are using Outlook as an IMAP or POP account as an email client, then our information is stored inside outlook in PST file format. This is the default format what outlook holds records when we use it as a client email. When we are using outlook as an Office 365, Exchange or, the data offline is stored in OST file format.

How PST files corrupted?

There can be more than one reason for PST files corruption. They are prone to get crashed or corrupted same like MS Office files. When you see a message that PST files are not getting opened or the files do not exist or some damage has happened, there are various reasons to that.

Like, when we store PST files in our computer, the computer disk easily develops bad sectors and can make your PST files corrupted or damaged. When this happens in your computer offline, it becomes impossible to get that data back.

If you have stored the files on a network or server, and this got corrupted there, you can have them back with a little difficulty.

If you see some bad software is running in your computer or your computer is full of trojan and virus, it would not be a good sign for Outlook PST files. Within days or weeks, you will show the files have caught the virus and will get damaged for sure.

Can we repair those corrupt files?

Yes, Outlook had developed an outstanding tool to get your files back into the original shape with a little to no effort. The tool has some nice features, which helps a novice to get the job done. So, let’s start having the files removed the viruses and Trojans and get the data back.

Repair Offline outlook file (OST)

Whether you are using an exchange, office 365 or, you can follow the mentioned guidelines to fix the issues with the OST files. Close the email app and then follow the steps.

1) Open Control panel

2) Open user accounts

3) Open Mail option

4) Mail set up box will appear, click on the show profiles options and see

Now, select the profile connected the account you want to repair, anyway the default profile set by the Windows is Outlook.

And click on the Properties button after selecting the Outlook mail option.

You will see the direct email accounts option, click on it

Click the data file the second tab after “Email” See the broken account and click it, and click on the open file location on the lower Ribbon, see the Screen Shot attached.

Now, right click on the file, the account having the crashed, error, or virus issue and delete the file.

Now, open the outlook desktop version again and recreate the .ost file for the account you desire to repair.


Repair PST Outlook data file:

Again if you are using outlook as an email client application, like IMAP or POP setting, you need to follow the different method to recover the files again.

Open the Run Command, just type in Windows 10 search “Run” or press “Windows” to open the Run command

You need to follow this file path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Open the SCANPST.EXE file to repair the Outlook files.

Open the browse experience

You need to locate the PST file you want to repair

Open the file

And click on the start.

Check the make a backup of the file before repairing option

And click on the start


Now click on the repair button

Now, you need to show some patience, it will take some moments to get the file repaired and will make a copy of the data with repaired contacts, emails and other stuff. After completion of the repair, you may open the Outlook and launch it and all problems should now be resolved.

Did you get all files repaired?

The tool helps you to repair all files and solve the issues in many. Still, there is a need to follow the additional steps to recover all files and folders.

You need to follow the mentioned steps to get all back.

1) Open Recovered personal folder and choose the items about which you are not sure all are recovered.

2) And drag drop that folder into the correct recovered folder

Now, the new folder is empty so delete it.

Additionally, there are dozens of applications and software roaming around to get the same job done. If you find any difficulty in following the steps, you may opt using any of the software such as Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. Have the right use of the software and get the desired job done without any manual doing.

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