how to see who views your facebook 2021-2023

Following the Cambridge Analytica shame and the resulting separation companies, Facebook has determined to let users understand who viewed their profile.

Facebook is in the complete disaster command method. Users are leaving the platform following the signs that personal data held given in most with third-parties. Numerous believe that the Cambridge Analytica scandal was only the growler’s tip and required more robust privacy controls on Facebook.

One of the stories that ever top communications with users is knowing who must visit their profiles. LinkedIn has ever owned it – although you need to be a reward member to access the complete list of who has viewed your profile, Facebook forever shared this information with users.

In our day-to-day world, we get across multiple instances of fraud by fake accounts. These seldom have to head to the loss of banking or aim of life of the body. There are also some other ideas because the users need to know who has viewed their profile. If you are with those who even must know about the person who viewed your profile, this report is for you. This is the one-stop spot wherever you can get the full knowledge compared to who viewed your profile.

4 Best Ways To Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

1. Official way to know who viewed your Facebook profile

Official way to know who viewed your Facebook profile

Currently, Facebook added a new feature to know “who viewed your profile.” This characteristic lets you see who hit your FB account in the last 30 days.

Follow below steps

Log in to your Facebook account > Open (3 links) main drop-down menu > Privacy Shortcuts > Here, you’ll see a new feature, “Who viewed my profile. “

Note: This feature is open only for the iOS App for now. And any news show this feature may only be available on 1st April.

2. (100% Working) Manually find out who viewed your profile (For Desktop Users)

(100% Working) Manually find out who viewed your profile (For Desktop Users)

This way is seldom thought time-consuming by some people, but this is the most powerful and widely used way to visit their Facebook profile timeline page – Now it may need some time to load the page. So, it would help if you set for a while till the loading completes. Now the user should right-click anywhere on the page and select “view page source” (You can also use “CTRL+U” to view page source). After this, a new tab will open automatically. This tab will contain some of the codes of the head. This will also have complete information. Now hold CTRL+F, which will open the search box and copy-paste this {“BUDDY_ID”} there.

3. With the help of the google chrome extension:

 google chrome extension

This is the most comfortable and the most secure way to know who visited your profile. The method further saves you time. To get started with the unity must understand some of the given information. After this, the user may appear happy and safe as they know who had viewed their profile.

4. Using some iOS apps:

Using some iOS apps

Sine above means is very to know about who viewed your profile. If you are an iOS user also means allowing the problem; this is for you. Any of their users may face the problem of calculating the extension or other. Many iOS developers and designers have made an app called “social fans” to solve this problem. This app will give you complete information about who viewed your profile.

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