How to solve 0x800704ec window10 Error 2021

Introduction 0x800704ec

The Windows 10 Error Code 0x800704EC shows itself in at smallest two forms. Some users see it if they try to turn on Windows Defender. Alternatively, of the required work, the app’s icon is grayed out and unresponsive. Or, if it returns, it returns with the Error Code 0x800704EC.
Other users see the error if they launch the Microsoft Store app also try to install their preferred applications. The store cannot load; preferably, it displays an error message with the code 0x800704EC.
The excellent news is that both signs of the error code are very reasonable. This guide tells you what to do to get both Windows Defender or Microsoft Store to go. Should you be so unfortunate that both forms stop working together, this guide is the one rock you need to hit two people.

What is 0x800704ec window10 Error2021?

The response 0x800704EC error code to the problem depends on who all of you request. But, broadly, it is an error code that arrives on the feet of unique Windows applications stopping to work. Somewhat of beginning or starting as required, the issue program is pressed and sends the 0x800704EC error code instead.
In the case of Windows Defender, the error code means that the application package start. This can be made by multiple parts. For instance, when Windows Defender has remained disabled in the Group Policy Editor when the user agrees on the application icon, the following message is presented:
This program is formed by group policy. For more data, contact your system manager. (Error Code: 0x800704ec)
If  0x800704EC error code that doesn’t mean the case, the error is possible due to disputes caused by the antivirus software installed on the system. The Defender force is inefficient to run while third-party protection software checks the program’s real-time protection task. Thus, try as one force, Defender will not run while the other software applications control.
Irrespective of whether the Error Code 0x800704EC in Windows Defender is due to incorrect Group Policy settings, malware, incompatible security software, or even damaged system files, the results are not unusual. Nobody will be pleased to experience even application crashes, system freezes, blue screens of death, or other error indications 0x800704EC error code.

How to Fix Error Code 0x800704EC When Turning On Windows Defender

It is very frustrating when the Error Code 0x800704EC dispenses up in Windows Defender. You’re weak to turn on local real-time security, which can have a damaging impact on your system. In unique, your machine becomes less safe as the risk of infections going undetected rises exponentially.
That is why we have organized this part to help you solve the issue and get Defender working again. All of the fixes shown here have been tested and verified working by many users. You can as correctly try your friends with them, and you should have something real to say on their ability when you’re done.

1:Disable Third-Party Virus Protection

From the history of the essential elements of the Error Code 0x800704EC, it should be clear that battles between protection tools are the main accused. During the first decade of this time, the Defender used to be recognized as Microsoft Security Essentials. Far from doing a full-fledged antivirus, it was also of other security aid. Everyone but relied on the first security products on the business, such as Avast, Bitdefender, Norton, Avira, et al. Microsoft Security Essentials served with any of these without much struggle.

2:Enable the Windows Services Required by Defender

Once you damage or liquidate your alternative protection software, Windows Defender’s protection point automatically boots on. But, sometimes, this makes happen for any reason, and you keep seeing the Error Code 0x800704EC, or the Defender icon stays grayed out.

3:Change Values of Windows Defender Keys

In case the preceding answers don’t do anything, and you proceed to get the 0x800704EC error when you attempt to activate Defender, don’t worry. The Registry Editor can be done to fix the issue. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. As long as the individual steps are carefully followed, you should be able to do it quickly.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this post led you in how to fix error code 0x80070ec with five answers. If you find the error code 0x800704ec when managing Windows Defender, try these answers.
If you have any more reliable solution to fix this Windows Defender error, you can give it in the comment zone.

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