How to solve runtime error 2021-2022

What is a runtime error?

A runtime error is a business error that transpires while the application is working. The word is usually operated indifference to other sorts of application errors, such as syntax errors including compile-time errors.

What Effects Runtime Errors?

Depending on the employment, there are many causes why a runtime error may happen. The software may should a bug that the programmers did conscious of but remained not ready to fix. More common reasons involve a shortage of thought or other systems means the application must run perfectly.

Struggle with TSR or different running program

If you’re facing runtime error information in Windows, secure that a third-party program or TSR is harmful, building the issue by end-tasking all open applications.

Resolution 1: Momentarily Impair Microsoft Services

However, you are not sure what applications on your computer causing the error. So, you can close unnecessary application to fix the error. Utilize Windows Task Manager to close all the unnecessary programs, and then reopen the application that you would like to run.

Here are specific steps for you.

Step 1: Press Windows plus R keys to open the Run window. Type msconfig in the dialog window, and then click the OK button to continue.

Step 2: Then the System Configuration window will pop up


It’s possible another application is interfering with the one you’re trying to run, or it is using too many system resources without leaving enough for the program in question. Use Windows Task Manager to close any program you don’t need running, then try opening the app again.

in the page. In the General tab, uncheck the Load Startup items option under Selective Startup.

3: Scan for Malware

It is not a rare case that the malware and virus appear in some applications resulting in runtime error. Hence, scanning your computer for malware or virus to ensure the application is not infected is a good idea.


How to fix runtime errors? Read here, you may have some answers in your mind or know the possible causes for run time error at least. You can either to exclude the reasons for the runtime error on your computer or try the given methods in the article one by one until the error is fixed.



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