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What is ice poseidon 2022-2023?

Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino, a former Twitch star who now broadcasts on YouTube after being banned from the Amazon-owned network in 2017, was caught in blatant cryptocurrency fraud. He stole around $500,000 from his fans…and pocketed the most of it.
Crypto dudes are the most heinous.
This fraud, discovered by YouTuber Coffeezilla and initially published by TheGamer, exemplifies that point well.

Quality of ice poseidon 2022-2023

Ice Poseidon was a popular Twitch streamer in the mid-2010s, peaking in popularity around 2015 for his coverage of Jagex’s MMORPG Old School Runescape.
His tenure on the platform was precarious.
Ice Poseidon was punished numerous times before being permanently banned from Twitch in April 2017 after getting swatted on an aircraft.
He reportedly planned a prank with his followers to have the police call on an American Airlines aircraft to Phoenix due to a bomb threat.
Ice Poseidon has subsequently relocated to YouTube after Mixer’s closure in June 2020.
All of this suggests that Ice Poseidon’s background has been quite dubious

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Thus, what transpired this time?

Coffeeville, a YouTuber who uncovers fraudsters and scams, detailed the fraud in a 23-minute video.
In short, Ice Poseidon duped his fans into investing in CxCoin, a cryptocurrency contribution platform he developed for content producers, and then yanked the rug out from under everyone.
He reportedly accepted the money ($500,000 in all), pocketed $300,000, and purchased a Tesla.

What is the debate surrounding CXCoin?

As revealed by YouTube investigator CoffeeZilla, Ice Poseidon admitted and emphasized that he had defrauded his supporters of $500,000 through the cryptocurrency scheme.

Coffeeville published a video demonstrating how Ice Poseidon created a campaign to promote his cryptocurrency CXCoin.
The YouTuber contacted Paul personally and questioned him about his activities, to which Paul provided rather direct responses.

What is the identity of Ice Poseidon?

Ice Poseidon, a.k.a. Paul Denino, is a 27-year-old online star.
He began his career by live streaming games on Twitch, especially Old School RuneScape.
Many credit him with inventing and popularising the now-famous IRL and Just Chatting streaming content categories. Ice Poseidon migrated to YouTube after being banned from Twitch.
He proceeded to live in-person broadcast videos with other artists.
Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, who served as his cameraman, was one of his most recognized collaborators.
His Twitch fanbase also transferred quickly from Twitch to YouTube.

Ascend to Notoriety

As a young lad, Paul Denino began playing internet games.
When he joined the fantasy online gaming community ‘RuneScape,’ he used the randomly created alias ‘Ice Poseidon.’
He has been utilizing the alias as his internet persona since then.
He began his IRL broadcasting with ‘Pokémon Go’ and subsequently switched to Twitch when the platform introduced the notion of IRL.
He became an extremely successful Twitch star, amassing about 300,000 followers at one time.

Personal & Family Life

ice poseidon  was born on September 29, 1994, in Stuart, Florida, to Michael and Enza Denino.
He originally intended to study finance but changed his mind and chose to pursue a career as a social media influencer instead.
He is also active on a variety of other social media sites and YouTube.
He communicates with his fans daily and has a sizable Twitter following.

Last Words

I was reminded of a journey ice poseidon years ago to Chile to see my cousin.
We were hitchhiking through wine country when we were picked up by a sunbaked elderly farmer who drove us around his vineyard as we sat in the back of his vehicle.
As I sat at my dining-room table watching the film, I felt a twinge of envy for Denino, recalling when I was free to accept a ride from a stranger.

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