In your opinion, which movies are overrated and why

In the world of superhero movies, you will get some movies overrated while others are not.

Any movie with great superheroes has a lot of fans. This can be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel movies with the likes of Avenger has pulled a lot of attention from their audiences.

Even though this could be true, not every movie has everyone’s thumbs up. If you watch avengers movies in order, you are likely to see the sense in the overrating.

There seems to be a tough debate.

But guess what?

In my opinion, though Marvel movies are overrated, some take the first sitting

Which movies are overrated?

With the help of the Avengers series, Marvel Studios has had its unique global dominance and can be said to be on top in the film industry.

If you take a few steps back in the Marvel world, movies such as Iron Man still get a solid rating from their fans. The rating sends one unique message that fans are in love with superheroes. Some of the older films are still being viewed even today, while some movie fans have gone underwater.

Undeniably, there is consistency in the masterpiece of Marvel movies. You can fall asleep and still wake up and be able to get into the line. 

The Avengers

The Avengers take the first seat. It has been the core of the MCU. The introduction of Avengers heroes has been one great grand step for the fans. With the introduction of Captain America: The First Avengers, it was a great welcome of good things to come.  But most fans go for Avengers: Endgame while others are in for Avengers: Infinity War.

Why it’s overrated

Though not everyone will agree with this, The Avengers is a combination of humor and actions. This is a good way of delivering to the fans. 

Though not everyone is interested in humor, I bet Avengers has made MCU an icon. This is due to its high intense drama and great jokes which provides fans with some kind of relief. An example would be Avengers: Endgame, a movie every fan would love to see, and few would get back for a recap. It’s one great movie that meanders between multiple storylines.

Endgame came on the light after Infinity War faded with almost half of humanity being wiped away by Thanos. This ended with some of the best heroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, but left the remaining Avengers in a state of loneliness. The fact that Thanos destroyed the universe to woo Lady Death and the fact he hunted for love makes it very interesting. But Thanos was a bit rational.

 The Endgame portrayed how Thanos would be dangerous even without the Infinity Stones. In fact, his final battle with the Avengers proved him a great fighter.

 However, the movie has not greatly stressed him, rather he appears as the ultimate villain.

The Iron Man

 Iron Man is founded by The Avengers. He is one great fighter when it comes to combat savvy. He also has another side of being an emotional person who is ready to help others when need be.

Why it’s overrated

At first, no one would be interested in Tony Stark. He can turn over a new leaf even after getting into some life-threatening situations. You cannot dare to forget that he has some knowledge about the best weapons. He learned the techniques from Howard Stark, his father. 

The knowledge enabled him to make up his first Iron Man suit and get on the battle ground. It’s not until he goes back home with some sense of heightened ego that leads him to try to design his suit. Though he has made all the efforts for a change of life, at the end of the movies, nothing pretty seems to have changed. I bet it was the attitude that he brought with him, but realized that the weapons were no better on his hands.

Tony Stark had so many changes before the end of the game. But losing his life as a hero was a fitting end. Even the fans who have little love for Iron Man saw the sense towards the end which portrayed a perfect and interesting way to end the movie.

 Captain America

Captain America is taken  into S.H.I.E.L.D  after the Civil War.  Later he is assassinated  according to Red Skull orders.

 Why it’s overrated

When Redskull launched the offensive acts to bring the U.S down, Captain America intercepted. However, Steve cannot claim any victory on this. He has the powers to defeat Cap in battle, though he cannot be as powerful as Hulk. 

The overrating is seen in the final fight where Schmidt claimed to have Cap on the ropes. Eventually, Skull sealed the defeat.  

Later we learn of Tesseract who was introduced to the First Avenger. This is where the Red Skull tracked Tesseract with the hope that he would bind its powers and triumph in WW11. Captain America thwarts Red Skull’s plans, who later is teleported in a wormhole created by Tesseract. Unfortunately, both Tesseract and Captain America fall into the ocean.

Towards the end of The First Avenger, Tesseract comes up, but Captain America is nowhere to be found.

 Black Panther( 2018)

Black Panther has had a great success rate. Being the first black superhero, he seems to empower everyone in the audience. It taught some of the touch aspects of identity politics.

Why it’s overrated

Black Panther is introduced to Killmonger, one of his main villains that took a plane in a London museum to lecture with a curator. The curator is however brutally murdered but Black Panther seems to care less.

 In fact, there is a scene where he murders one of his film hero’s by slicing her throat. He did this while smiling, no wonder he is a villain. However, even through the act, he has a wish to save his people from being oppressed and this is what makes him popular. Truthfully, most of the fans saw him as an ambassador of merciless anger to the colonial victims.

At one time, Kill monger meets his estranged father in an alien world. But his father seems to be sorry for having inspired him to get on the wrong path. Most of his mission was for vengeance which makes sense. However, the film shows him as one who has noble intentions.

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