What about jidion 2022

jidion YouTube video provider is most known for his self-titled channel, which features funny material.
His films depicted him pulling pranks on innocent bystanders.
He now has over 4.2 million members.

Before Notoriety

jidion  He discussed how he was suspended from school in an early YouTube video.


jidion His “Put on the Boxing Gloves” series has amassed over 6 million views.
On his Shop JiDion website, he has sold funny products. He was born in the USA and has made his home in Houston, Texas.

Connected To

jidion In December 2020, he retweeted YouTuber MrBeast.

jidion becomes a viral sensation after a haircut on the sidelines of an NBA game.

jidion  became popular on social media after being caught receiving a haircut on the sidelines of an NBA game in Minneapolis on March 25 between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks.

JiDion made headlines in 2022 after inciting his Twitch supporters to mount a hate raid on Pokimane, forcing her to shut down her feed.

He was also permanently barred for it.

Poki, on the other hand, offered him a chance to mend fences by extending an olive branch and partnering with him. Since then, the YouTuber’s fortunes have been steadily improving, and that trend has persisted.

JiDion blasts Twitch for unbanning a broadcaster after a shooting threat.

  • JiDion, a YouTube prankster, has weighed in on Twitch’s decision to unban broadcaster Narcissawright after her threat to shoot up the streaming platform’s headquarters.
  • Pokimane, a Twitch celebrity, was the subject of an unexpected hate raid coordinated by fellow broadcaster JiDion in January.
  • For many days after the raid, Pokimane’s social media accounts were deluged with nasty remarks, which finally resulted in JiDion’s permanent removal from the network.
  • Despite the turmoil, the two content producers publicly reunited a few weeks later, apologizing in a viral YouTube video.

JiDion slams Twitch after Narcissawright’s unban

“I wish Twitch had a framework for, you know, keeping things consistent for everyone,” he told Drama Alert in an interview.
“I feel there are so many outliers and unique circumstances that the Terms of Service become obsolete in certain ways.”

Investigate the streamer’s extreme Twitter response.

When notified of his suspension from Twitch, @Jidion 6 rushed to Twitter with a screenshot of the message, claiming the matter was “larger than black and white.”

He then changed his Twitter profile picture to that of Pokimane and subsequently made a video where he defended his earlier behavior.
JiDion expressed his admiration for Pokimane during a live webcast.

How long is the suspension expected to be in effect?

JiDion’s Twitch ban will begin on 13 January and last 14 days.
As a result, the broadcaster should return to Twitch on Wednesday, 26 January.

Pokimane was also banned from Twitch for live streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender segments.
On 10 January, she was reinstated after a 48-hour ban.

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