Lack Of Motivation How To Get Motivated To Do Your Homework


Motivation is thought to come when you are sleepy; it is the colder months, you are sad, and you despise the subject. However, at the end of the day, all these are simply excuses. Yes, motivation does come from within, but there are external factors that can fuel intrinsic motivation.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing them all. So, if you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself in terms of finishing your homework, keep reading.

You are not alone in this condition, and beating yourself up will only make things worse. So, why don’t you take a deep breath and keep reading, and take notes?

What Is Motivation

Motivation comes from the term ‘movere,’ which means to move. It is classified as a driving force that motivates us to continue with our behavior or quit it.

In terms of studies, it is the driving force for finishing your homework. Generally, motivation comes from the thought of a happy end goal or enjoyment during the task. 

This is why finding the reason to enjoy the task or at least finish it properly is so important. This is exactly what we are going to teach you here.

How To Be Motivated

Here are the tips and tricks on how to be motivated when you absolutely do not wish to finish that homework, or essay, or even sit with your textbook.

1. Prioritize Your Work

Prioritize the work which you need to submit as soon as possible. For this, you need a pen and paper.

Begin with making a list, and streamline your work. If you look at the bulk of work at once, motivation will be hard to come by.

Look at one task at a time, and do not bombard yourself with the thoughts of others. Multitasking is not a thing, and it wouldn’t help you finish everything all at once. Once you do so, you will find how easy it is when you just have to finish one chapter and not the entire textbook.

2. Manage Your Time Better

Once you have your list of priorities, it is time to assign an hour for each task. Now, you might ask how this could help you motivate yourself to finish accountancy homework.

An entrepreneur who had a few ventures upon their name once said that the reason why they are able to manage so much is that they know where each hour is going.

In the beginning, we once spoke about the reward system and how it can help you motivate yourself. Once you manage your time, you will get access to the ample time you were wasting.

So, you can motivate yourself to finish the homework in this hour because the next hour, when you are free, will be your Netflix hour. 

3. Ask For Help When Needed

Do not feel ashamed of asking for help when you are knee-deep in work. Sometimes deadlines can even take the interest out of your favorite line of work or subject. So, you will need help.

For example, when you have too many essays, and all of them have credit, it could be tiring to do them all. You can give one or a couple to the experts of essay writing service by Fresh Essays.

It is not that you are not learning anything, but when you have a safety net, it gives you more time to concentrate on the work you love. With enthusiasm to sit with a task comes motivation.

4. Do It In A Public Area

Doing anything in a public area ironically helps you to concentrate more. All you need is a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you need that extra boost of motivation, find a cafe or a library which has other students.

The moment you will have this innate urge to procrastinate, the sight of others still engrossed in their work will immediately stop you.

This is even more effective for people who have mild anxiety and cannot study alone because of their loud overthinking thoughts.

5. Set Up A Place

A place can do wonders when it comes to motivating yourself. A place that is clean without any distractions can motivate many. While for others, it is about having a ‘Rory Gilmore’ mood board which helps them to get motivated.

Go through some aesthetics over Pinterest, and find yours. Yes, it is a small step, but it can do wonders in terms of getting you to sit with your task.

The lights can also play a big role in bringing more alertness. For example, blue or green lights are known for boosting energy, while warm lights can make you drowsy.

6. Do Something Which Is Easy

If you are having a hard time commencing with your pile of assignments, then start with something which is easy to understand and complete. Once you are done with one task, you will automatically get the motivation to do more.

Productivity can lead to motivation, and then it becomes a chain. Keep the easier tasks in the beginning so that you can be done with them as soon as possible. Now, you have fewer tasks on your hands and more time to concentrate on the difficult ones.

7. Save Time For Distraction

If distractions are such an important part of your lifestyle, then you do not have to deprive yourself of them; simply give time for distraction.

As you know, after every three hours of work, you can have thirty minutes of break to yourself. Time yourself, and put an alarm. This reward system can work as an excellent motivation.

Stress Can Demotivate You!

Stop steering over the fact that you have too much to do. In all honesty, we all have that. So, simply divide your work, and start taking each one by one.

The stress is probably acting as your biggest demotivator. When you know that there is no escape but to finish the work, do that!

Do not give up because that is not worth it! The more you delay the work, the harder it will become to complete.

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