Do You Need A Let That Sink In

Overview of  “Let That Sink In”

Some strange phrases are used every day in English. Most people never think about these things, even though they use them every day. This can be very hard to understand if you don’t know the phrase in question.

Let’s talk about what “let that sink in” means and how to use it in this article.

When a person says, “Let that sink in,” what do they mean?

“Let that sink in” basically means “think about that for a while.”
This is an idiom, which is a poetic way of saying something to make it sound better.

Think of your brain as a lake and a new piece of information as a breadcrumb.
The breadcrumbs won’t immediately fall into the lake, and if you don’t think about the new information, you’ll probably forget it.

There are different ways to say “let that sink in.”

Even though ” Let that sink” always means the same thing at its core, it can mean different things in different situations.If someone tells you something shocking, “let that sink in” could mean thinking about all the ways what you just heard could affect you.

Examples of let that sink in

“The Earth goes around the Sun at a speed of over 18 miles per second.
That means it can go from New York to London in just over three minutes or 193 seconds.
“Let that sink in for a moment.”

  • In the first example, the phrase “let that sink in” is used because it is surprising to think about how fast the Earth is moving through space.
  • Our first instinct is to ignore the information because we can’t easily picture it, so we have to stop and think
  • about it until it has “sunk in” to our brains.
  • In the second example, the speed of our planet is not as exciting as intransitive verbs.
  • Still, it’s important to know how to use intransitive verbs to understand grammar.

When you shouldn’t say “let that sink in”

You can use metaphors like “let that sink in” just about anywhere.

But, like most poetic language, they should be used sparingly.
If you say “Let that sink in” after every new fact you tell someone, they won’t remember what you want to stress.
Also, since this phrase makes it sound like what you’re saying is important, it doesn’t make sense to use it to say something unimportant.

Do You Need A Let That Sink In?

First of all, you don’t need meme to use this well-known phrase on social media. 
Before it became meme, it was very powerful phrase that made people think and go beyond simple, direct 
thinking.It makes someone want to go back and spend few extra seconds on something to fully understand the context.
So, this magic phrase can be used in any setting, whether it’s written, online, or in person, where something needs to be emphasised again or given more attention. 
Here are few common situations where the phrase “let that sink in” can be very helpful.

Stress can be good sometimes.

Contextual stress in writing or in person is a great way to help people remember what they have read or heard.
When we say the same thing more than once and in more than one way, a good listener remembers it.
If your audience isn’t paying attention, this is a useless use case.
One of the best ways to emphasise something is to say, “Let that sink in.”

For example, “We have to make up three extra hours of work tomorrow.
Three hours longer.
Let that sink in. Starting TONIGHT, there will be NO Covid restrictions.
Let that sink in.’ “War doesn’t just kill people; it kills everything.”
Even those who don’t care.
Just think about that.

When they have to keep a thought in mind,

When we ask someone to hold on to a thought, we usually give them a thought that goes against the one they’re holding on to or adds to it.
We do this to make it easier for people to understand what’s going on in a situation so that they can get the main idea.
So, use “let that sink in” when you want someone to think about something.

lets all sink with the king

But why does the phrase “let that sink in” mean what it does?

Before “let that sink in” became meme and big deal on the internet, it was used to give the reader sudden, happy moment of understanding. 
Still, when the phrase is used on the internet, it has the same meaning and sometimes even funny tone.

let that sink in meme


” Let That Sink In” is powerful phrase that we don’t fully understand. 
It’s good for our language in lot of ways. 
The phrase can lead to thinking with empathy, understanding, and the ability to relate to situation.
In the past, this phrase was used to instil sense of godliness and the importance of religion in the hearts and minds of followers and devotees. 
Today, people say “let it sink in” to get them to go the extra mile and think.

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