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By | February 5, 2019

From the snail mail to the email, from the land-line to the wireless, almost all have gone change. Email has become the most prominent part of our business and personal life. This is more formal than text and much faster than snail mail. The numbers of email users are sky-rocketing and with the business deals, and the amount of email accounts per person use has gone from the hands. For businesses and personal uses, we need a different email account with different services providers. If you are the one who switches the accounts every other minute, you must think about using email client.

The email client can lower your burden and offers you extensive ranges of features. You will have all of your messages at one place and login to the desired account with one tap. You can have as many as you want accounts on one email clients.

If you talk about Email clients and do not discuss outlook, it is not possible. The biggest email clients programs on the face of the earth which allows you to have all messages and emails sync at all mobile phones, tablets and computers on-go.

We have learned the way to create an Outlook account and has managed to configure our email servers with Outlook. Do not you still know how to log in and log out of the Outlook account. There can be different ways to log out from the account and to know the locations of all login of the same account.

Log in using Outlook?

There are different ways of logging and logging out from the account it depends upon the device you are using. Are you using a computer and want to log in the account on a browser. Or you have a smartphone, want to login using the application.

  • On a computer, you need just to type Outlook.com.
  • You see a new Window from where you can provide the email address of the outlook.
  • Click on the next button and it will ask you to provide the password
  • And Click on the Sign in button

You will be right at your home screen; from where you can send/receive messages emails and can switch from one account to the other account.

Using a mobile phone login is simpler than this.

You just open the Outlook application, and if you have not already logged into the account. Provide the password with Email or phone and you are at the right place.

Logging out:

The logging out of the Outlook account is simple. If you are at the browser and need a short key to get out from the account, just press Alt+F4 and you are out from the account

In a browser you want to log out the outlook account, just type Outlook.com and if you were logged in, you see your account opened.

On the right-hand side, you see your picture with Outlook account. Just click on this picture and you will see the logout option right there.

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