Overview of Lowes Hours 2022

Lowe’s stores’ opening and closing times vary from location to location. Some of the stores operate under somewhat adjusted hours. Some stores, for instance, close an hour later than others. However, each Lowes Hours is open for a minimum of 15 hours daily. They are available as early as 6 a.m. and remain open till late at night.

What is Lowes Hours 2022?

Lowes hours are comparable to those of all other retail establishments.
Lowes is one of the nation’s primary home improvement retailers, with over 1800 locations.
The Lowes stores include an extensive selection of construction supplies, hardware, hand tools, and yard equipment.
Below is specific information regarding the closing and opening hours of Lowes.

The Ultimate Guide To Lowes Hours 2022

Lowes Hours shop

Lowes Hours have over 2,000 locations in the United States and Canada. When you enter your zip code, the store displays a variety of selections within a certain distance, along with their addresses, hours, and star ratings.
Lowes Hours operates between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., and its stores may have irregular hours, with some opening at 8 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m.
Depending on where you live, and if you’re lucky, the store may remain open even if you believe it’s too late.

Lowe’s is well-known throughout North America for its expertise in Home Improvement; its services distinguish it and offer the lowest pricing.
After purchasing a tonne of Home Improvement tools, you may place an order for Shipping on lowes.com or through your mobile app, and you will receive an email when your order is available for pickup.

lowe’s home improvement
Every consumer will be required to follow up with the company regarding the purchase pick-up time, as the pickup can only occur within service hours.
Additionally, Lowe’s provides delivery seven days per week.
One of two Lowe’s Credit designs provides a 5% discount.
If you wish to transport it beyond their country’s borders, Lowe’s offers translation services in over 140 languages.

Lowes Hours  on Typical Days

Monday through Saturday, Lowe’s is open between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.
Lowe’s is open on Sundays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
The American Lowe’s retail location is open Monday through Sunday.
Check out the table below for today’s hours for most Lowe’s stores.home depot near me

lowes hours


Lowes’s hours on Sunday and Saturday

Lowes operates on weekends also.lowes home improvement
However, compared to weekdays, Lowe’s weekend store hours are shorter.
Most of us visit stores at weekends exclusively.
Check when Lowes Hours is open on Saturday and Sunday below and plan your trip accordingly.

Lowe’s Lunch Breaks

Lowes Hours offers recess hours, or break hours, to employees who work more than 7 hours, and for 6 hours of labor, they receive 30 minutes of break. The break hours are numerous, but Lowe’s is a retail business that is constantly open.

Lowes Hours Holiday Timetable

The business is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas but is open on all other holidays.
On all other holidays, the store is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the same hours as on ordinary business days.
While they are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, they provide discounts on black Friday so as not to disappoint their consumers.
The Black Friday sale offers up to a 40% discount on home appliances and allows you to purchase from the comfort of your own home, meaning the deal is also available on their websites.
The discount applies to all items until supplies run out.

Lowe’s is promoting a Grills Sale.

Lowes Hours always has sales on grills since they stock a significant number of full-sized barbecues, and if the grills cost $499 or more, they are delivered for free.
Aside from that, you must pay a nominal delivery cost for the delivery of your barbecue to your home.

Lowes Hours  Contact Information

Support for mailings: 1-800-445-6937

Mailing address: Ringvagen 9, 611 70 Jonåker, Sweden

Email ID: [email protected]

Telephone number: (800) 676-74,000

The number for international service is 1-888-310-3391.

Lowe’s customer service is available 24/7, although the optimal time to contact them is approximately 2:30 pm.

FAQ Lowes Hours

Monday, what time does  Lowes Hours open?

Mondays at 6:00 am, Lowe’s opens.

What is Lowe’s Friday closing time?

On Fridays, Lowe’s closes at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, what time do Lowes Hours?

Lowe’s opens at 6:00 am on Thursdays as part of its typical weekly schedule.

What is  Lowes Hours Sunday closing time?

Sundays at 8:00 pm, Lowe’s closes.

When does Lowe’s open on the weekend?

Lowe’s opens on Sundays at 8:00 am.

What time on Saturday does Lowe’s open?

Saturday mornings at 6:00 am, Lowe’s opens its doors.

What time does Lowe’s close on Saturday?

Saturdays at 10:00 pm, Lowe’s closes.

Is Lowe’s open on Easter Sunday?

As stated previously, Lowe’s is only open on Easter Monday and is closed on Easter Sunday.
And Easter Monday hours at Lowes are the same as regular business hours.

Is Lowe’s open on Independence Day?

Lowe’s will be open on July 4th.
Fourth of July Lowes hours may be decreased or the same as usual.

Is Lowe’s open on the holiday of Memorial Day?

The store is, indeed, open on Memorial Day.

Can I shop at Lowe’s on Labor Day?

The shop will be open on Labor Day.
Labor Day hours at Lowes are identical to regular hours.

Is Lowe’s available on Easter?

The store will be closed on Easter Sunday.

Is Lowe’s open on the first of the year?

Yes, the store will be open on January 1st.

When does Lowe’s begin their Black Friday operations?

Many Lowe’s sites are open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm on Black Friday, according to Lowe’s Black Friday hours.

When does Lowe’s open on the holiday of Memorial Day?

On this day, Lowe’s is open during regular business hours.
Thus, Memorial Days Lowes Hours are from 6 am to 10 pm.

What time is Lowe’s Easter Sunday opening?

On Easter Sunday, only Whole Foods and Sears are open; all other shopping malls are closed.

What is Lowe’s closing hour on Easter Sunday?

Except for Whole Foods and Sears, all shopping centers are closed on Easter Sunday.

What time is Lowe’s Labor Day opening?

Labor Day, Lowe’s opens at 6:00 am.

What is Lowe’s Labor Day closing time?

Labor Day concludes at 10 pm for Lowe’s.


The bulk of Lowe’s stores open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m., which is incredibly convenient for customers.
Lowe’s is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.
Verify Lowes  hours of operation before your visit.
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