How To Use Magic Nails 2022

What is Magic Nails 2022?

Magic Nails & Spa, located at 2401 S. Colorado Blvd, Units B & C, Denver, CO 80222, is happy to provide the highest quality services.

Come to our salon and enjoy the comfort and relaxation afforded by our superior service.
At Magic Nails & Spa, you may relax in a pleasant and abundant environment, relieve work-related tension, and forget about life’s pressures.
Our courteous, devoted team will ensure that all our valued clients are delighted with our services.
We continually strive to improve our services and provide you with the best experience possible.

We recognize that safety and cleanliness are essential to your peace of mind.  Our instruments are medically cleaned and disinfected after each use. Once used, buffers and files are deleted. Additionally, paraffin wax is never recycled for another use. All pedicure operations are performed while wearing a liner. In addition, Magic Nails employees are instructed to adhere to a suitable sanitization strategy that prioritizes customer hygiene.

Magic Nails & Spa: Call us immediately and have a beautiful life

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Magic Nails Purpose

Find realized that the magic nails converted anything they were placed on into weapons since they were employed to aid people nonviolently by making them capable of defending themselves. The magic nails seem identical to conventional pins.

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How To Use Magic Nails 2022

Magic Nails Newport specializes in several fields. From standard beauty treatments to non-invasive facials, Regardless of your beauty needs, we have you covered!


for acrylic and  Magic Nails extensions, from severe sculpting to manicures and pedicures.
If you’re looking for fabulous nails using the most modern methods, go no further.


What’s new in the world of Newport Magic Nails?
special offers, unique bundles, and discounts on popular procedures.

Gift Vouchers

Birthday? What is your anniversary? An “I Love You” gift? We provide a wide variety of gift certificate prices to accommodate most budgets.

Excellent Nail Salon

Magic Nails Salon offers superior nail treatments in a calm and welcoming atmosphere.
We use the most advanced nail care technologies and only high-quality materials.
Our technically and artistically qualified team and you with safe and hygienic nail care services.

In Narragansett, Rhode Island, we are locally owned and run and provide the most fantastic nail treatment and pampering for both men and women.
Call us now for more information on our nail treatments.

Nail Providers

  • Nail improvements
  • Color gel
  • Art designs
  • Manicures and foot baths.
  • Paraffin processes
  • Child welfare
  • Liquid gels and more
  • Magic Nails
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Price List (Everything used is used once due to code-19)

  • Mani/Pedi Manicure: $15
  • Pedicure: $30 (with a liner)
  • Pedicure and manicure: $40 (with a liner)
  • $25 for Pedicure Kit Service (with a liner)
  • Manicure Kit Service:: $10
  • Service for Manicure and Pedicure Kits: $35 (with a liner)
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Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic: Complete Set
Overlay: $40 Normal Complete Set: $40; Complete Set White Tip: $45

Complete set in Pink & White: $55

Sculpted whole set: $45

Full set:$50 for Sculpted Pink & White.

Acrylic Refills: $25

Pink & White Refills: $45 More Pink Refills: $30

Acrylic Maintenance: $3 French Enhancement: $5

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Magic Nails 2022 Service 


Two 15ml bottles of Nail Polish Remover for Magic Nails:

Magic Burst Gel Remover Nail Polish UV Base Top Coat Rapidly Removable Manicure Equipment
features addition to enhancing the flexibility of your nails with a nourishing effect, this product is safe to use and emits less odor. In a matter of minutes, it is straightforward and quick to remove nail paint, and no other equipment is required. Effectively minimizes the likelihood of nail grinding and reduces damage caused by frequent nail polish changes. 4. Suitable for professional salon usage or home use,nails salon

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DIY Nail Art Kit by Nail Magic

Using this Magic Nails  Kit, you can decorate your nails most attractively.
This magic Nails art printer is helpful if you want to give your nails a design that complements your attire.
Go for pink, red, blue, or any other color you like since this gadget can make any of them look great on your

This is easy-to-use equipment, and nail stamping is straightforward.
It includes five image plates, allowing you to stamp up to 45 distinct designs on your nails.
It comes with a kit of nail art paint; there are seven colors to choose from, and you can even combine them to get the ideal hue.
It is suited for your trendy party attire.

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The Top 10 Press-On Nail Kits That Last and Won’t Ruin Your Magic Nails

A manicure may have a significant impact on making you feel your best.
However, salon visits may be time-consuming, and nail art can be complex.
Enter traditional press-on majic nails
These fake nails are a terrific way to add length or a striking pattern without the commitment and lengthy application process.nails salons

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Multicolor Digits

French vs. American Manicures

Neutrals, Neutrals, and More Neutrals

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