These are the best last minute makeup kit gifts for the beauty buff

I don’t know if you are a Capricorn woman or not, but what if you are one of those women who are always busy in their work and forgets quite often to shop for the upcoming events. These events could be anything like your best friend’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, bridesmaid’s party, etc. And because you are so much absorbed in your work, probably because you love it so much that you forgot to purchase several gifts for your loved ones.

When there is one thing that we women love and that is our makeup. One of the most effective ways to send a makeup gift is to send flowers to Bangalore along with the gift. Let’s check out what last-minute gifts we can purchase and gift all the beautiful women in our life.

1) Holiday Eyeshadow palette 

This eye shadow palette is especially from Quo. It’s special from their holiday collection. And if you will check out a nearby store it will be very easily available. The best thing about the side shadow palette is that it has a lot of colors and two sides to it which means you also have eyeshadows and you also have matching liquid lipsticks and pencils of the same color. This eye shadow palette makes for a perfect gift for any woman in your life because it would last with them for at least two years or more depending upon the use. And then use the best site to send flowers in Bangalore to your address or office from wherever you choose to leave for the party. And add on here would be the quo luxe brush set.

2) Cleansing Kit 

Remember any one of your friends who cannot always find that one brand that would suit her skin or that can help her skin soothe and revitalize. Well giving somebody the gift of a cleansing kit would be awesome and they might require this product badly. Local and famous brands that we know are dermalogica. You can give it as a birthday gift along with birthday roses. This cleansing kit has a pre cleanser, special cleansing gel, and daily microfoliant. And you know you can easily buy at the nearby mall, that too at the last minute.

3) 12 Days of beauty, glam and glamour 

Like there are unfinished advent calendars, Mary Kay has brought about wonderful fees of the calendar which is finished for us and is just perfect to buy at the last minute as a holiday gift or as a birthday gift, attach it along with anniversary roses. And that’s not it this Mary Kay calendar which consists of lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, eyeliner, kajal, powder, eye makeup remover, two types of skincare it’s absolutely everything in one box. And it’s great as a travel box too. So next time , remember this beautiful gift.

4) All Natural Collection 

Have one of those people in your life who are all the time rushing into words on natural skincare. Well, I would suggest that this one is something that you should buy for yourself too. Or if you are not buying it for yourself because you have something better than understood makeup for a perfect last-minute gift and the brain that we are taking for all-natural products is Weleda. They have an amazing range of products to suit various seasons such as skin food for winters with their latest lip butter. And there let it glow. The collection has it all covered for you from baby products to skincare. These products would make up for a perfect gift along with an anniversary bouquet.

5) Limited Edition Gifts 

Will now and then many beauty companies launch their very own limited edition gives and boxes? These are one of the best things to buy at the market when you are going shopping and thinking which gift to buy and that too at the last minute the best thing would be to purchase these gifts at least two to three months in advance as a birthday gift anniversary or whatever occasion comes what may. Add a birthday flower bouquet along with L’Occitane, body shop, Weleda, Laneige, etc.

These are the best last minute makeup kit gifts for the beauty buff

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