MediaTek vs Snapdragon: What Are You Probably Good?

Every time you want to buy a new cellphone, you must often read about MediaTek or Snapdragon chipsets, right? Well, in this Variety article, the author will discuss more deeply the comparison of MediaTek vs Snapdragon. Want to know how it turned out?

MediaTek vs Snapdragon: What Are You Probably Good?

MediaTek vs Snapdragon: What Are You Probably Good?

Undoubtedly, the most complicated discussion theme regarding smartphones is the processor. And as a bodyguard, it would be wrong to call it a processor. You see, there are many functions that we can find in one series.

That is why most cellphone users and reviewers often refer to it as an SoC ( System on Chip ). The problem is more clear than calling it just a processor.

And speaking of SoC or chipset, the two most popular names in Indonesia are MediaTek and Snapdragon. Yes, you can find various types of devices from various classes that are powered by the two chipsets; starting from the low-end class to even the sultan HP class.

Indeed, there are vendors who prefer to use self-developed chipsets. Examples are Huawei with HiSilicon Kirin or Samsung with Exynos. However, there are still many series from the two vendors that are supported by MediaTek or Snapdragon chipsets, you know.

So, it is natural for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the smartphone world to feel confused. And to overcome your confusion, continue to see the description below.

What is Snapdragon?

In short, Snapdragon is a SoC or semiconductor package which is used to be designed for smart devices; ranging from gadgets, smartphones, and other smart devices. This SoC was developed, designed, and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a technology company born and raised in San Diego, United States.

Many achievements have been made by this company. One of them is making the first chipset that supports smartphone operation and the 3.5G HSDPA network.

Now, companies design chipsets that are adjusted to product prices. This means that chipsets are available for various classes of devices; starting from the low-end (with the Snapdragon 400 series), to high-end smartphones (which usually use the Snapdragon 800 series).

Meanwhile, for the middle class, Qualcomm also has its flagship. None other than the Snapdragon 600 and 700 series. You can also find a variety of Snapdragon cellphone recommendations through a collection of articles on gadgets from Braintologi.

What are the advantages of the Snapdragon processor?

Launching from the Android Authority, one of Qualcomm’s weapons that makes it trusted by many manufacturers to power high-end types is none other than the graphics card or GPU. In fact, GPU is the biggest advantage that Qualcomm has!

Of course this cannot be separated from the role of Adreno’s technology. This technology was developed as a result of Qualcomm’s acquisition of several Qualcomm multimedia and graphics technologies from AMD, Inc.

As we know, AMD, Inc is a company that is well known for its CPU and graphics card technology. FYI, Adreno is an anagram of AMD’s most popular product, namely Radeon.

These advantages make Snapdragon able to display images and graphics that are clear and detailed. And this advantage also makes most users prefer to use Snapdragon rather than MediaTek. Especially if you are a heavy gamer.

Get acquainted with MediaTek

Next to Snapdragon, MediaTek is the chipset that users talk about the most. It’s just that, based on a Google search, it seems that the chipset developed by this Taiwan-based company is more popular. that is, heats up quickly.

Indeed, the temperature problem remains a problem that is difficult for the company to solve. In fact, based on the trial by Lalu Ahmad Hamdani, the test results between the devices supported by the MediaTek G90T and the Snapdragon 730G showed that the MediaTek G90T device overheated more easily due to the unstable signal in several test locations.

Even so, we cannot let go of the fact that a cheaper price offer with a performance that almost matches Snapdragon is one thing that is hard to just refuse. Especially if we understand it from a large-scale industrial perspective; Of course MediaTek is more profitable, right?

Advantages of MediaTek over Snapdragon

Price is one of the factors that influence consideration when comparing MediaTek vs Snapdragon. Meanwhile, there are other factors that make MediaTek superior to its predecessors. None other than the Machine Learning sector .

The Helio P60 series is a product that means a lot to the company. Through this chipset, MediaTek introduced the AI ​​Processing Unit (APU) system for middle-class mobile phones. The presence of this technology in the end introduces advanced features for cheap cellphones.

Examples of advanced features that you can use include smart scene recognition that functions for photography, facial recognition for device security, and many more.

In fact, launching from the Android Authority, the company also plans to bring more high-end HP features so that they can be used in the lower class.

Then, is it good MediaTek or Snapdragon?

Each of them has advantages, but also disadvantages. So, the most appropriate way of course is not to compare. Yes, adjust your choices to your needs and types of daily activities. That way, you can get more profitable results.

If you want to be free to explore the device and expect more fierce performance, of course, the best answer is to use Snapdragon. It’s just that, for those of you who are looking for a device that is affordable but has advanced features, of course, buy MediaTek right away.

So, what are your activities and needs?

After this discussion about MediaTek vs Snapdragon. Hopefully, the description above can help you determine the best choice for the device to buy.

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