What Are Metro Pcs 2022

Overview of Metro Pcs 

Metro by T-Mobile, located in Salinas’ Northridge Mall, offers a wide range of inexpensive cell phones and national low-rate prepaid service options  Metro Pcs
Metro Pcs is making countrywide wireless services even more accessible to all customers.
Wireless is available to everyone.
Metro Pcs  Unbeatable national rate plans for unlimited talk, text, and online, with all-in price, no commitments, and no hidden costs.

What is Metro Pcs?

T-Mobile has announced that it will rebrand  Metro Pcs , its prepaid service, as “Metro by T-Mobile” to show users that T-network supports the brand. Mobile’s

T-prepaid Mobile’s service choice also updates its price opportunities to form Google One cloud storage favors and an Amazon Prime subscription with its $60-per-month complete option.

Metro Pcs President

According to Tom Keys, president of Metro by T-Mobile, the rebranding is an attempt to distinguish the former  Metro Pcs   brand—which only offered CDMA service in around a dozen U.S. cities before T-Mobile bought it in 2013 from the new brand, which uses T-LTE Mobile’s network.

Metro Pcs  Importantly Keys

Importantly, Keys stated that T-Mobile began its  Metro Pcs   rebranding campaign about a year ago, before the April merger deal between Sprint and T-Mobile. The rebranding will continue regardless of the merger’s success.
Regulators are reviewing the Sprint and T-Mobile merger proposal, and the firms want to close the deal early next year.

The “Metro by T-Mobile” campaign will launch off with a new “That’s Genius!” marketing campaign, while  Metro Pcs   current marketing budget will not be increased, according to Keys.
He also stated that the adjustment will benefit the company’s dealers since “they get a more visible tale to the client.”

Metro Pcs  network attribution

“We didn’t have any network attribution in our label,” Keys revealed, stating that  Metro Pcs  has had this issue for years.

Despite this, Metro Pcs   seems to have flourished since being developed by T-Mobile in 2013.
T-client Mobile’s base has grown from roughly 8 million in 2013 to over 18 million because the brand is currently available statewide (rather than only in a few areas) through 10,000 retail stores.

T-Mobile owned the GoSmart prepaid brand before purchasing  Metro Pcs , but it sold it to TracFone and the Walmart Family Mobile brand.

Metro Pcs  Standard Hours

  • Monday – Thursday: 11am – 7pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 6pm

Special Hours


  • Mon, May 30 : 11am – 7pm
    (Memorial Day)
Level 3, near the Food Court
Park near Food Court

What Are the  Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans and How Much Do They Cost?

Metro Pcs   T-Metro Mobile offers two unlimited plans, starting at $50 per month for a single line.
However, individuals who switch from another carrier are entitled to a $10 monthly discount on the basic unlimited plan.

Metro Pcs  For $50 per month, the Unlimited plan includes 5 GB of hotspot data and 100 GB of Google One storage.
Lines two through four on multi-line contracts cost an extra $30 per month, with the fifth line costing an additional $10 per month.

What Are  Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans Available?

Metro Pcs  Two data-capped and unlimited plans are offered, with a single line with 2 GB of data starting at $30 per month.
The cost rises from $10 per month for the cheapest plan (10 GB, unlimited with 5 GB hotspot, and unlimited with 15 GB hotspot) to $60 per month for the most expensive project.

Metro Pcs  There are no extra services available on the 2GB data plan. Still, upgrading to the 10 GB plan unlocks “Music Unlimited,” allowing you to stream from over 40 music services without using your monthly bandwidth.
The unlimited base plan includes 100 GB of Google One storage, while the Unlimited Plus option consists of a complimentary Amazon Prime membership.

How to Upgrade Your Cellular Service

You can alter your  Metro Pcs   by T-Mobile phone plan in three ways: by going to a Metro store, dialing *611 on your phone, calling 1-888-8METRO8 (863-8768), or going to your online account.

Customers are eligible for any incentives or rebates offered to new customers every 180 days for device upgrades Metro Pcs
Any device upgrades made within these 180 days will require the subscriber to pay the total retail price.

Optional T-Mobile  Metro Pcs Features

Metro Pcs  T-Metro Mobile’s service includes several optional options that range from free to $20 per month.
There are no options for popular streaming services other than the  Metro Pcs  by T-most Mobile’s costly plan, including an Amazon Prime membership.

One Google

Metro Pcs  Each person with a compatible Android smartphone will obtain 100 GB of cloud storage within Google Workspace at no additional cost, thanks to the Google One membership included in the Unlimited (5GB hotspot) plan.
For an extra $1 per month, subscribers can double their Google One storage or pay $8 per month for 2TB of storage.

Where can I get Metro Pcs   by T-Mobile 5G?

Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile has access to America’s largest 5G network, which uses T-Mobile Extended Range 5G to reach 8,300+ cities and towns.
T-Mobile continues to increase its coverage by upgrading over 1,000 cell sites and towers with Ultra Capacity 5G every month.
Customers with 5G-capable phones can use  Metro Pcs  by T-5G Mobile’s coverage, which is included at no extra cost.
To see coverage in your location, go to the  Metro Pcs by T-Mobile website.

It’s worth noting that during peak traffic hours,  Metro Pcs subscribers may have slower 5G data speeds than T-Mobile customers who get priority.

T-Mobile Metro Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use T-Cell Mobile’s Phone Service to Get Metro?

Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile, unlike many other prepaid cell phone service providers, has physical locations across the country.

Is there a trial period for  Metro Pcs by T-Mobile?

There is no trial period with  Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile. However, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.

Is there a money-back guarantee with  Metro Pcs by T-Mobile?

Metro Pcs T-Metro Mobile’s service does not come with a money-back guarantee.

What is the procedure for canceling my  Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile cell phone service?

Customers can cancel their  Metro Pcs  by T-Mobile service because there is no long-term obligation.
Customers only need to stop paying the monthly price to discontinue the plan.
Those who set up the autoplay feature will need to disable it from the “My Account” page.

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