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This article will examine the best Miro alternatives for mind mapping. Miro is an online whiteboard solution for teams and enterprises that were previously known as RealtimeBoard. This type of technology has been a huge help in recent years when personal contact has been limited. This tool can be used by teams to arrange meetings and brainstorming sessions on any topic relevant to work. Miro is an excellent tool because it facilitates brainstorming and has other useful qualities. It does, however, have limitations, just like any other program. One thing we found during our testing was the tool’s steep learning curve. It can be perplexing for first-timers, and it may take some time to acclimate. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Miro alternatives for you to try if you’re having trouble with the app.

Top 8 Best Miro Alternatives for Mind Mapping in 2022.

The top 8 best Miro alternatives for Mind Mapping are described here.

1. Infolio

The tool that comes in second to last is Infolio. This application is both free and extremely user-friendly. It features the same online collaboration feature as Miro. There are additional Gantt charts and other task management tools available.

Its skill set also involves communication, as you can leave comments on your peers’ work. Task distribution and monitoring are also possible with this free Miro alternative. Overall, we think Infolio is a fantastic alternative to Miro because it has so many productivity-boosting features.


Miro alternatives

The next tool on our to-do list is Stormboard. This is why it made our list: it’s a terrific tool for brainstorming and hosting online meetings. Stormboard has been in operation for nearly a decade and has maintained the trust of its loyal users. Another alternative is Stormboard, a premium collaboration program similar to Miro. With the exception that the tool allows users to submit sticky notes while collaborating, they perform almost identical activities. Although this is not a Miro-free alternative, it is worth noting that you will be in good hands if you use it. This is the finest Miro Alternatives. Also : How To Become A Remote Software Developer


Miro alternatives

Conceptboard is an alternative to Miro, which is an online whiteboard tool. It has partnered with some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Siemens, Konica Minolta, and Perry Ellis International, to name a few. They’re even a US Air Force partner, so you know you’ll get excellent service. The price range, on the other hand, sets it apart from the other Miro choices. It’s natural to expect them to charge a high rate for their services, given their reputation. Quality, on the other hand, is said to come at a price, and Conceptboard is no exception.

4. Groupboard

Miro alternatives

The last tool on the list is Groupboard. As the name implies, it promotes groups of people to collaborate on a project. One of its primary features is online collaboration, which allows users to talk and leave progress updates whenever they need to. Apart from the fact that the free edition only offers a few basic functions, there isn’t much to say about this program as a Miro alternative. Users are enticed to upgrade to the premium plan in this way. There’s no need to upgrade to the premium subscription if you’re merely interested in casual brainstorming.

5. WebBoard

Miro alternatives

WebBoard is a straightforward online collaboration tool for drawing diagrams and discussing with others. The entire interface of this program is a whiteboard that can be used by multiple individuals at the same time. Users can manually add those who need to be present in the brainstorming session using the built-in call feature. There’s also an option for users to contribute several files to the chart. You can also save the chart to your computer in a variety of formats. Overall, this Miro replacement tool will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

6. Excalidraw

Miro alternatives

Excalidraw is an online whiteboard that can make diagram sketches that look like they were created by hand. Excalidraw’s distinguishing feature is its one-of-a-kind feature, which has made it a well-known tool. The application is perfect for teams who are just getting started because it is free to use. Excalidraw allows colleagues to work together on a diagram or discuss a topic using a single diagram. Given this, we can confidently conclude that this free Miro replacement is an excellent choice if you only need the simplest features. This software is one of the best Miro alternatives.

7. Monday

Miro alternatives

Monday is another famous online whiteboard and Agile tool on the internet. Those who appreciate keeping track of their team’s growth would enjoy this program. Monday.com can create Gantt charts so that everyone on your team knows who’s in charge of what. Aside from that, it has a feature called remark boxes that enables for quick discussion within a single task box. We can’t call this a Miro-free alternative because it requires a membership fee. We can, however, attest to its dependability and ease of use.

8. GitMind

Miro alternatives

Miro includes an online diagram feature that allows employees to simultaneously view and alter a chart or diagram. This feature, however, is not exclusive to Miro; GitMind can do the same. GitMind is an online whiteboarding programme that also allows you to make mindmaps and flowcharts. This is because it promotes collaboration and has a comment feature that allows users to speak without having to leave the app. Among the alternatives to Miro, this program is the only one on the list that has diagram templates in its library. These are beneficial to people who want to get started straight away in order to save time.


Miro is unquestionably one of the most popular apps in its category. The fact that it still exists today, despite the introduction of competitors, indicates the trust that people have in it. However, there are still a lot of items out there that you’ll find useful, which is why we compiled the above list. You’ll not only gain a better grasp of these tools, but you’ll also be able to examine how they compare to Miro.

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