Mobile Applications Development methodologies

Most of the applications undergo a process before getting to the market. Mobile applications can be of any genre social networks, gaming apps, E-commerce apps, and others. Professional developers offering mobile apps development services require a specific protocol to ensure all steps are executed well.

Before considering any methodology to put in place, it is essential to note a few things; 

Server configuration 

This is where the cloud comes in. If you need to handle and scale serial traffic, you should think about the available providers. The servers hold the application backend hence facilitating the movement of data to and from the app. If you scalable hosts such as Rackspace, it can easily handle enormous traffic without aimless failures.

At this point, we ensure the configuration is done on point; this is to ensure there are no downtimes when the application becomes popular.

Such utilities are paid; hence we should consider one with scalability OS updates and backups. That said, Amazon web services are the most appropriate.

If you need the best mobile development services, you need your data organized in the database. The common ones are SQL & SQLno. You should ensure MSSQL MYSQL set up is done.


Language is the backbone of the project. For this case, Go-lang, C+, PHP, Java, and python are the best combination. Every language is specific to its framework hence written separately on the coding tool.


Platform-specific native.

This method requires a highly skilled developer who understands UI and UX designs. The code written for Android cannot be used in iOS. The user interface is fully native and can be optimized for both platforms. This method is labor’s engaging but feasible.


Apps produced from this method are still native. The difference is, the code can be used for both platforms. There are very few that are not compatible hence shared majority of the features are the same on both ends.

It is referred to as a middle ground due to its nature. Common tools mobile application development service providers use are Xamarian and NativeScript.

Little modification and styling are required for an app to be fully usable on either platform.


This is the cheapest due to its nature. Cloning like the process is put in place. For instance, web technologies such as HTML CSS, and JAVA are employed. Most of the activities have to be redirected to the website to get results. They are installed through a native wrapper. It is the fastest way to produce an application? Simple apps such as news apps can be made this way.

After development, the app undergoes a series of testing before release. This should be done by non-technical users who ha no idea about the entire building process. Both backend and front end developers are required for a successful project. With this type of agile talent, one needs to put in technologies like GITHUB to ensure tracking of milestones, code playground, and other integrations that you could never regret in the broad field of mobile application development services.

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