Who Win MUO Awards Best of CES 2022

Who Win MUO Awards: Best of CES 2022?

It has been a long time since we had CES 2021, which was a digital-only event. CES 2022 has come upon us quickly.
Now that the world’s biggest tech show is in full swing, MUO has looked through all of the new gadgets that were released this year to find the best ones.

MUO Awards: Best of CES 2022… Let’s check them out.


LG’s OLED C2 Series was named the best TV in the world.

As LG showed at this year’s CES trade show, its beautiful displays won’t be going away any time soon.
New OLED TVs have been released by the brand. They’re a step up from the 2021 C1 range of enticing TVs.

We love how the LG OLED C2 Series has a wide range of options that LG hasn’t had before.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your living room is, because there are six different screen sizes.
OLED C2. This is a first for the world: a 42-inch screen.

It’s still a good thing that LG is making a big deal about the games at CES 2022.
Gamers will be able to enjoy clear, bright colors and deep blacks thanks to LG’s OLED Evo technology. The C2 Series has a 1-millisecond lag time, making it ideal for competitive online play.


Razer’s Blade Collection was named the best gaming laptop.

Razer doesn’t let the noise get in the way of showcasing new versions of its popular Blade gaming laptops. The Blade 14, Blade 15, and Blade 17 are all on show.
As a PC gamer who wants to play on the go, Razer’s laptops should be your first choice.


Jabra Elite 4 Active headphones are the best headphones for people who want to listen to music while they work out.

For the first time, Jabra has added to its Elite line of in-ear headphones with the Elite 4 Active.
So if you want to listen to music while you’re working out (and who doesn’t?), Jabra earbuds are for you.
You’ve got the bass-heavy sound that has always impressed us at MUO, and Active Noise Cancellation will keep you focused on your workout because it blocks out noise.
This lets you enjoy your music without having to go to the gym to listen to the vocal encouragement in your favourite workout playlist; we think it’s great.

The XGIMI AURA UST was named the best portable projector.



A projector that doesn’t take up too much room is great if you need to save space.
So, we’ve chosen the XGIMI AURA UST to be our best portable projector at CES 2022 because it’s small and easy to carry around.
There are many places you can take this projector. Because of its small size and short throw distance, it can be right next to the surface on which you want to show the picture.


It’s not only a short-throw projector, but it also has a 4K screen.

There’s no need for a fancy 4K TV in this case. You can just put the AURA projector next to a wall, turn it on, and project all 150 inches of the screen if you have enough space.

TCL Guide 14 Go is the best laptop for the money.

They have something to look forward to, especially the TCL Guide 14 Go.
This is the best laptop for the money, and it’s the first Windows-based laptop from our favourite brand.
It costs just $349, which is very cheap.


The Kura Gallium AR Glasses won the award for best extended reality device.

When Kura Technologies’ Gallium AR glasses came on the market, they were right at the right time. Extended reality is becoming more and more common in our daily lives.
These alternative reality specs show both style and substance. They have a wide range of technologies that help us live better lives by immersing us in a semi-virtual world.

Imagine how this technology could change the world.
Surgeons could do complicated surgeries without looking at a screen, which would lessen the strain on their necks.
Students could look at lecture slides through the Kura Gallium lens while taking notes, which sped up the learning process.

Award: 5G is the best phone
The Nokia G400

Doing things on a budget doesn’t mean you trade a money-saving for less need.
The owner of the Nokia brand, HMD International, understands the importance of not skimping on quality when making cheap phones.
The Nokia G400 5G is a very cheap smartphone that has a lot to say about.

Now Kura Technologies, the company that makes the best AR glasses and platform, won the Best of CES 2022 CES

innovation award. Kura is setting the standard as the best performing AR wearable device.

The quality of the image and the new microLED silicon display will put Kura Gallium far ahead of its competitors when the product is made in large amounts.
By then, who knows how much more we’ll be able to do with extended reality at the helm of the charge?”

A lot of people find Gallium interesting because it was the first AR device with a field of view that went all the way around.
On the other hand, because it has a 95 percent transparency feature, it can better blend the image on the screen with the people who are looking at it.

Meanwhile, Kura Technologies’ high-tech AR gadget also has some new features.
These are some of them:

ASICs that can be made to work with MicroLEDs.

Customized waveguide with pinholes.

A small, customized full-color MicroLED display that is based on silicon that has been made in a specific color “People who work for Kura Technologies say this:

Winner of a 2022 CES Innovation Award and the Best of CES in 2022, Kura Technologies is a company that makes AR solutions.

See you in 2023 at CES.

You know what MUO thinks was the best at CES 2022. All that’s left for us now is to say goodbye to Vegas (or the digital version if you didn’t go) and look forward to the new technology that will be out in 2023.

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