How to Solved My Youtube Keep Stopping 2022

How to Solved My Youtube Keep Stopping 2022
October 21, 2022

Youtube Keep Stopping 2022

One of the biggest problems mobile phone users often have is that  My Youtube Keep Stopping  doesn’t work on Android.
With 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users and hours of new videos being added every minute.
Youtube has become a big part of our lives because it has so many videos for us to watch and use as a source of entertainment and information.

Youtube is the only place where you can watch free videos online.
We might worry if the platform stops working or we can’t use it.
So, here’s a step-by-step guide to figuring out why  My Youtube Keep Stopping  on your Android phone and how to fix it.

How to Solve My Youtube Keep Stopping 2022

It can be very annoying if the  My Youtube Keep Stopping  while you’re streaming it on YouTube.
Adjusting your video settings or browser customizations may fix YouTube playback difficulties.
Hardware or network settings might also go wrong.

Fix the problem with the Internet connection.

There have been a lot of reports about how the videos on  My Youtube Keep Stopping  on their own.
And we know how annoying it can be for users always to have to get up and restart the video.
This article will discuss what can cause this problem and how it can be fixed.

If YouTube doesn’t function on Android, reboot.

Restarting your smartphone fixes several issues.
If you understand these problems, you will be able to fix the problem of  My Youtube Keep Stopping   on Android.
This will kill any background processes, which may fix the YouTube playback problem you’re having.
This will fix the issue of YouTube not working on Android.

Internet Speed

When My Youtube Keep Stopping  , it’s probably because your Internet connection is slow.
Your Internet needs to be fast enough to let you download the video faster than your computer can play it.
If it’s slow, YouTube will keep stopping to buffer or pre-download the video.
At least 500 Kbps is suggested to prevent this.
In the meantime, you can stop the video, giving the stream time to load.

Close the app and open it up again.

Often, there’s something wrong with the app that keeps it from working correctly and gives you an error.
So, close the app and start it up again. This will refresh the app and get things back to normal My Youtube Keep Stopping

Upgrade your YouTube app to the latest version

When the app isn’t updated,  My Youtube Keep Stopping  it often gives an error or doesn’t work at all.
So make sure that your app has the most recent version.
You should always check for updates since developers are constantly making changes to apps to make them work better.

Clear the cache in your browser.

Caches and cookies in your browser’s directory can cause errors  My Youtube Keep Stopping
You can watch your YouTube video again after you clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Disable or uninstall the extensions

Extensions, or add-ons, let you change your browser’s user interface, block ads, and control cookies.
However, sometimes these extensions can slow down your browser and stop videos from loading or blocking them.
So try it My Youtube Keep Stopping

Miscellaneous Problems

Several other things can also cut off videos.
If you attempt to use  My Youtube Keep Stopping  while also playing online games, downloading files, or streaming from other sources, you may have difficulty because all of these activities use bandwidth.
If your network or computer’s firewall doesn’t recognize YouTube as a reliable source, you might have trouble playing videos from there.
You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer if you want to watch YouTube videos.

Check the phone’s time and date.

Your phone’s date and time settings have different effects on your apps, like Whatsapp and YouTube.
Google’s servers can have problems syncing your phone to My Youtube Keep Stopping  on Android if your date and time are not correctly set


Your Internet speed determines your maximum bandwidth.
If you are on a network, all computers on the network will share the total bandwidth.
If you have any programmes that use the Internet, they will also use up bandwidth that  My Youtube Keep Stopping  could use.
Don’t use the Internet until the YouTube video is accomplished loading.

Plan to fix  My Youtube Keep Stopping  on Android (Recommended)

If you want the best and most unique way to fix a My Youtube Keep Stopping , I suggest you use the Android Repair tool.
This professional repair tool can quickly fix YouTube keeps-stopping messages on Android phones.

Why YouTube Stops by Itself

YouTube stops automatically on mobile, PC, and Smart TVs for a variety of reasons.
These include user inactivity detected by YouTube’s auto-pause function (activated by default), network issues, background stream running in a browser, YouTube’s take-a-break feature, YouTube music stream limit, and RAM issues.

 Auto-Pause for YouTube

This is the most common reason YouTube stops playing on its own.
When YouTube sees that a user hasn’t touched the app in 30, 45, or 60 minutes, it will automatically pause the video. The user’s default settings determine this behaviour.

Headphones or a headphone jack that doesn’t work

Check to see if your headphones are in good shape.

When sharing video-related issues, you may first suspect your device or internet connection, but in reality, the fault may lie in your headphones.

Streaming in Browser While Doing Something Else

This one only works if you are running YouTube on the website using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.If your browser program plays another video (not from YouTube) on your PC or cell phone, the video may halt automatically.But this could also be changed by your device.

Disable Your Antivirus

Third-party apps or extensions can cause problems with your YouTube service.
If your antivirus software or another app thinks that YouTube is dangerous, it can stop you from watching the whole video.
Turn off any software that you think could interfere with your ability to use YouTube, particularly any antivirus software.


Check out the new tab hack.

From the name of this subhead, you can tell that this is a hack.
No one seems to understand why this works, but it does.
You must click on “My Channel” and then “Video Manager” on YouTube.
Do this while your video is still being put together.


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