Nahimic Companion

What is Nahimic Companion ?

If you have an MSI laptop or a PC with an MSI motherboard, you’ve seen something called the Nahimic companion.
If it works, it should be able to improve your computer’s audio input and output.


What is the NahimicCompanion application?

As you saw above, Nahimic is just a set of audio drivers that you can use to improve your audio.
To use it, you can connect your stereo equipment over wired, Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI. You can get up to 7.1 surround sound with this tool.


For all of its features, there’s an app called Nahimic Companion that you can use to set them up.
The window comes up every time you connect a new audio device to your computer. You can use it to make the device work better for the audio you’re going to be listening to. This word is more relevant.
There are different profiles for games, movies, communication, and music that you can tune into and adjust to your liking.

The companion app even has a Sound Tracker tool that can show you where a sound came from in a game in a visual radar-like overlay. This tool can be found in the app.

How to Effect PC

Nahimic Companion is the app that comes with Nahimic drivers or will be installed as part of Windows Update on your computer. It is the same app.
To keep the software from being available to everyone, the company is only releasing drivers for a small group of people who are actively working with them.
A good way to get the app is to have motherboards from MSI or Aorus, or laptops and devices from Dell or Machenike. You can also get the app if you have a ThundeRobot.
Until the audio driver starts to crash or stop working in the middle of a movie or game.
Nahimic Companion is hard to get off of your computer because it has a lot of files.

Should you get rid of Nahimic?

As soon as they play around with the companion app and change some settings to their liking, most people find Nahimic useful.
It won’t have a big impact on your computer, but the sound might not be as good.

Before you get rid of Nahimic, we think you should give it a try.
Even so, if you decide to get rid of it from your PC, here’s how to do it.


Step 1: Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run prompt on the screen.
Type services.MSC and hit the enter key to start the game.

Step 2: Find the Nahimic Service and click the button in the toolbar to stop it.

Step 3: To open the Run prompt, press the Windows Key and R at the same time, then press Enter.
Type devmgmt.msc and hit the enter key to start it.

Step 4: Sound, video, and game controllers are going to get bigger in step 4.
Right-click the Nahimic mirroring device. You can either disable or remove the driver from the device.

Step 5 :Press the Windows Key + X and then click on Apps & Features. Finally, you can remove the Nahimic companion app by clicking on Apps & Features.

Step 6: Find the Nahimic app and click the Uninstall button to remove it from your phone.

Ahead of You:

Most of the time, Nahimic Companion is installed even though you don’t want it.
Keep an eye on services to see if it comes back through driver updates.

If this keeps happening, you can disable Windows updates and go through the content one by one before giving it the OK to download and install.

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