A Naku Weed Locations

What is  Naku Weed ?

In Genshin Impact,  A Naku Weed Locations is one of the things that Inazuma is good at.
It is poisonous plant that can help with several quests. Some players might not know where in the world of Tivat to look for this item. From Genshin Impact, this is how you can get Naku Weed.

Do You Need A Naku Weed Locations 2022?

As was said before, the  Naku Weed Locations can be grown on farm or found in the wild. 
Farming is lot more complicated than just going to specific place to look for Naku weed. 
Here are three places you can find A Naku Weed Locations
Also, it was easy to find the Naku Weed Locations  Farming Location. 
Even the total is lot if you work hard at farming. It will be collected so that you can help the characters we need move up in level.

Naku Weed Locations of Farming

A Naku Weed Locations is farmable item that we need to help certain characters level up. 
Even the spot where you can grow Naku Weed is easy to find so that you won’t get lost looking for it.
Esportsku knows that Naku Weed is from the same place as Raiden Shogun or Archon Electro, the Inazuma Region. 
Some of the places you went to in Inazuma did have these things, but you have to take them yourself.
Here are some places where people can go to grow Naku Weed and get it right away:
Yashiori and Kannazuka islands.
If you come to this place, we can get lot of A Naku Weed Locations
Even if all the Naku Weed traveler can get adds up to 129 pieces, that’s how much we will get from here.
One is the Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact character, which needs A Naku Weed Locations to rise
Some other characters even need this Naku Weed item to raise their Ascension.

The first A Naku Weed Locations

Move toward Inazuma City, where shopkeeper named Aoi sells Genish Impact A Naku Weed Locations.
If you have 1000 Mora, you can buy Naku Weeds. 
Once you buy something from this shop, you can get Naku Weeds for three days.

Place No. 2 A Naku Weed Locations

Inside the Grand Narukami Shrine, you can farm  A Naku Weed Locations at this spot. 
One of the best places to get Naku weed is there. 
Because these plants grow near riverbeds, cliffs, or Balethunder anomalies, this place is perfect for growing A Naku Weed Locations
This is where you can find about 50 plants of Naku weed.

Place No. 3 A Naku Weed Locations

The Genshin Impact Gardening system is used to grow the last one in the ground. 
Players can grow Naku weed locations when their reputation is at level 3.

Where can I buy  A Naku Weed Locations seeds?

Naku Weed Seed is a quest item obtained by reaching reputation level 3 in Inazuma. Getting this item starts the “The Art of Horticulture” World Quest.

How long does it take for A Naku Weed Locations to respawn? To find Naku Weed, you must explore the three islands of the Inazuma region, as they are only found in the wild. Naku Weed can be found all over these islands. Local specialties respawn every two days after looting them. However, this is based on the time you harvested them, not the server reset time.

Where can I find  A Naku Weed Locations in Inazuma?

Naku Weeds grow in areas of high electrostatic concentration throughout Inazuma; many can notably be found on Seirai Island, around Mikage Furnace, and around Mt.Yoga.

Who needs NAKU weed? As of now, there’s only one character that requires  A Naku Weed Locations as an ascension material. It is the latest five-star Pyro bow user, Yoimiya.


Could you develop  A Naku Weed Locations?


Good news! 
With the gardening update for summer 2021, it is now possible. 
You can use the Luxurious Glebe parcel, which costs 300 realm currency and can be bought from Tubby. 
If you want to grow Naku Weed, this is the best way to do it. 
About three days are needed to finish it.

Where can get some  A Naku Weed Locations?

Are you the type of person who can laugh when danger is around? 
Then you will be able to get more out of  A Naku Weed Locations  by just going to places with lot of electro-energy. 
If you are patient and follow the rules, this task will be easier. 
As you finish questlines, the electro-energy in certain places will go away.
At the moment, no one knows how to use A Naku Weed Locations
But they are likely to be used to level up new character. 
Genshin Impact has shown that Baal, Kokomi, and Kujuo Sara will likely show up in the next update. 
Naku Weeds can be used as an ascending material for one of these symbols, or different symbols will come later. 
But if player wants to be ready for anything, they should start growing them now.

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