How to Solve No Internet Connection in windows

Are you seeing the dreaded Windows 10 or Windows 11  No Internet Connection indicator, indicating that you currently lack Internet access? You’re undoubtedly curious as to how to resolve this vexing Windows problem. We’ll walk you through the actions to take in Windows when you don’t have a No Internet Connection but are still connected to Wi-Fi.

 No Internet Connection?!

Any computer hardware expert would readily admit that our No Internet Connection services and actions are almost entirely automated.
The user’s input is required for just the most basic operations, such as browsing the web, sending emails, and even executing more complex functions.
The mechanisms in place the fundamental operations of  No Internet Connectiontake care of everything else.
This implies that we can execute a large number of online operations without being aware of the technological magic involved.

What Does It Mean to Be Connected But  No Internet Connection to the Internet?

Before we continue, it’s important to understand what occurs on your network while you’re connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet Connection

To do this, it is important to review certain fundamentals of home networking.

When you notice error messages such as Connected but  No Internet Connection but no internet on your computer, this indicates that your computer is properly connected to the network but is unable to connect to the internet.
In contrast, if you get notifications such as No Internet Connection, your computer is not linked to a router at all.

How to Solve No Internet Connection in windows

Windows 11: Wi-Fi Connected but  No Internet Connection

If the problem is caused by your internet gear, all you need to do is restart your router or modem.
Alternatively, the PC’s wifi settings will deny it web access No Internet Connection
By modifying the settings, you may eliminate all impediments and access the web without problems.

Restart the computer and the router or modem

When the system is having difficulty establishing a steady connection, it is recommended that the PC be rebooted.
The activity eliminates transient problems, which may result in the restoration of the connection.
However, there are situations when the issue is with the router or modem.
If restarting the computer does not address the problem No Internet Connection

Confirm That Other Devices Are Also Unable to Connect

Before you begin troubleshooting, it’s critical to ascertain that your PC is the only device that no Internet Connection
Check to determine whether your phone or another device linked to your Wi-Fi network is online correctly by streaming a YouTube video or anything similar No Internet Connection

Disconnect from All VPN Connections

While using a VPN has a number of advantages, it also adds another degree of security to your No Internet Connection
As a consequence, what you believe is a problem with your home network connection may really be a VPN issue.
Occasionally, a VPN may time out if you are connected for an extended period of time while your computer is inactive, or if you are connecting to an overcrowded server that cannot manage your No Internet Connection

Conduct a network troubleshooting session using the Windows Network Troubleshooter.

This step is optional if your connectivity problem affects more than one device. If the problem is isolated to your Windows PC, it’s probable that something is wrong with your computer’s network settings. While the built-in Windows troubleshooter is not always effective at resolving difficulties, it’s worth a shot before on to more complex measures.

Last Words

These are some of the most successful remedies for unidentified network no internet  Connection, restricted internet access, wifi connection but no internet access, and similar issues with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.
Whatever the cause of the No Internet Access problem message on your PC, just follow the steps below one by one to restore regular operation to your computer.
If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to address them in the comments section below.



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