TOP12 BEST NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES FOR Android 2021  is a powerful, configurable, and flexible home screen replacement.
Nova offers sophisticated capabilities to improve your home screens, but yet remains a fantastic, user-friendly option for everyone.
Whether you want to totally revamp your home screens or are searching for a cleaner, quicker home launcher, Nova is the solution. NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES

• The Newest Features:  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES delivers the newest Android launcher features to all other phones.

• Custom Icon Themes: Nova supports hundreds of icon themes available on the Play Store.

• Night Mode and Dark Theme: Have night mode turn on automatically at a specified time, or simply leave it on for a dark theme.

 Customizable App Drawer: Vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive choices are just a few of the things you’ll discover accessible for the app drawer. NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES

 Subgrid Positioning: With the ability to snap icons and widgets in between grid cells, it’s simple to achieve a precise feel and layout with Nova in a manner that’s unachievable with most other launchers.NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES

• Backup and Restore: Moving from phone to phone or testing different home screen configurations is a breeze due to Nova’s backup and restore functionality.
Backups may be kept locally or saved to the cloud for simple transfers.

• Speed: Nova is well optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that give even older phones a quick and fluid experience. NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES


Nova Launcher themes and settings may be familiar if you use Android with Nova Launcher.
Nova Launcher (and its Prime version) do not include a “Themes” option, as you may have observed.
It’s a pity since some launchers include theming choices or even a theme shop. However, the good news is that Nova Launcher lets you design your own themes.
The process of coming up with a theme may be mentally and physically demanding, therefore we decided to take care of it for you.
Widgets, backgrounds, icon packs, and Nova Launcher settings were all experimented with to come up with 20 unique Nova Launcher themes.
Here are 12unique Nova Launcher themes and configurations to spice up your Android device:

What Is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher, sometimes known as Nova Launcher Prime, is a popular Android software for personalizing your smartphone.
People who like tinkering with their devices have been blown away by Android’s flexibility.
As a result, Nova Launcher skins are something to be excited about.



NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES  Voxel is one of the finest looking and most simplistic.
The theme’s creators paid close attention to the aesthetics and made several significant alterations.
When it comes to creating flat and bright smartphone app icons, there is no better option than this icon set.


Kayla NK’s Purple Serenity is a minimalist and non-obtrusive home screen theme.
In this configuration, the background is purple, and there are just a few icons and widgets.
It’s made for those that value simplicity above everything else when it comes to setting up their home screen.NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES


Polycon icon pack is the most downloaded  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES for Android, with over a million downloads.
The iconography is based on Google’s Material Design, although there are many lovely embellishments.

4:Vibrant Theme

NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES  from the excellent Aivy icon set are combined in this theme.
With a basic weather and clock widget on top, the home screen looks aesthetically attractive.
The greatest thing about Nova is that it lets you make a 33 desktop grid for a colorful, but simple, home screen.


The Glim is a beautiful icon set for the  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES with a slew of stunning HQ icons to choose from.
The dynamic calendar icon is also supported by this app.
It’s compatible with the dock and includes a search option as well as numerous icon sections.

6:Material Design

Material design is pre-installed on  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES Android devices running the latest version of Google’s operating system.
Elegant, refined, and well-realized are all words that describe the concept.
To go back to the material design aesthetics on vanilla Android, install this Nova Launcher theme.
However, even if it isn’t a replica, it still appears superior than the original.


Cygnus Dark is one of the finest  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES skins available for the Android platform.
The theme supports several launchers, including Go Launcher, CM Theme Engine, Atom Launcher, and Epic Launcher, in addition to Nova Launcher.
The launcher and screen may be customised using xposed modules, which I’ve also made available.


Somraj Jadhav’s Scary House is a dark and ominous home screen design done in a cartoonish style.NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES  This vertically aligned home screen layout doesn’t include a lot of widgets.


One of the reasons CandyCons is my particular favourite is the attention to detail and little textures that are provided to each and every symbol. NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES
The icon set for Android matches Google’s Material Design colour scheme exactly, making it a seamless addition to the operating system.

10:Light Theme

Though we love the dark theme for  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES we have a soft spot for light themes as well, which is why we’ve included the finest light theme for you to use.
For this theme, I utilised Wallhub’s Orange Bubble wallpaper and Francisco Franco’s famous Calendar Widget.
The flat search bar and home screen as a whole have a clean, modern appearance to them.

11:LINES :-

Unlike other widely used themes and  NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES The Lines does not adhere to Google’s material design principles.
The hard defined outlines of applications may be seen in the hollow icons shown over here.

12:Android Pie

The new Android P operating system makes significant changes to the user interface, making it more minimalistic and refined. NOVA LAUNCHER THEMES
Numerous manufacturers have erred by failing to provide timely Android upgrades.
However, if you want a taste of Android P on your smartphone, this Nova Launcher theme is for you.

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