Outlook 365 Login – Create www.Outlook.com Account

By | April 15, 2019

Outlook 365 login: How to create an account for www.outlook.com?

Do you want to create Microsoft outlook account? Or you have a third-party account and want to set up your account in outlook to send/receive emails and using the other exceptional features? You have no need to freak out, just follow the mentioned guidelines and do as we write.

Firstly, you can use your Microsoft account to use outlook services; you are not required to create a separate Outlook account.

By using the past credentials, you can have a complete set up in Outlook. If you do not have a Microsoft account and want to create an Outlook account at the first place, you are free to create one and access the emails, calendar, tasks, and other contacts what you receive on the internet.

Create www.Outlook.com Account

1) Open your browser and click on the “Sign up Outlook” to create a free outlook email account.

2) Provide your email address. No need to put outlook.com in the end, they have already done it for you.

3) Provide your password (Do not forget to create a strong password, always use special characters, and digits in your password, they make the password stronger and difficult to crack)

4) Provide your First name and Last name and tap on the Next button.

5) Fill up other details such as country name, Birthday, etc.

6) Fill out the captcha and tap on the next button.

7) Provide your region location, your time zone, and other basic details.

8) Select a desired them, and select the type of account, you can have different four types in account types.

Create Outlook.com Account

Outlook 365 Login: How to use Outlook?

This is one of the leading email service providers. You here get all features what you expect from a leading email client applications. You might have been using Gmail.com; you get dozens of features to send/receive email.

Here as well, you get a complete focused inbox for your important emails

  • These are some basic features what you get by having an email client applications installed.
  • A focused inbox to store the important emails
  • Swipe gestures to store or delete messages
  • Schedule messages to send or return the messages at a specified time
  • Pin important messages
  • Text formatting to personalize your outgoing or incoming emails
  • You can attach the good drive, Dropbox or one drive files in your emails.

Outlook 365 Login: How to Login to Outlook Email?

Basic settings you must know about Outlook

Do you want to get your emails on Outlook? Do you want to configure your email account on Outlook to send/receive emails? We are here to show you how this happens. Here for a case, we are going to set up Gmail on outlook.

It will become easy for you to understand how third-party mail service provider can be used on outlook as a mail client exchange servers.

We assume that you already have an outlook account, and if not we have shared above how to create one.

Enabling IMAP in Gmail

This is the first step, where we need to set up our Gmail in a way that Outlook could access our emails. To do this, simply open your Gmail in your browser or mobile application and sign in if you are not.

From the inbox interface, you tap on the gear icon and choose settings.

From the general tab select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Now, here you need to select between POP and IMAP protocols. These protocols are used to help sync your messages and emails in different devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In almost every case you see IMAP option enabled, POP has been outdated and cannot sync messages or emails on various devices.

So, here you choose to disable POP from the first pop download option and from IMAP access you need to enable “IMAP ENABLED“.

Note: In any other browser where the POP Option does not default disabled, and you enable it manually. You start getting duplicate emails, one from IMAP option and the second from the POP Option.

So, if you are desired to use the POP option in your computer, then must disable IMAP. The better would be to enable IMAP and disable POP.

Under the IMAP section, you see the Folder Size limit, if you have more than one folder in your Inbox. And the inbox is just full with the folders and stuff and you do not want them to sync in another device, use limit folder option. Here you can change the number of emails or messages, the default is 1000.

Note: By using the Gmail server, if you download a data more than 2.5 GB in a single day, the Gmail can block you, and deactivate your account. So, forbid using and downloading this much of data in one day. Better use the limit function so that Gmail has not to follow too many instructions.

Outlook.com: Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication is an extra security layer used by companies to secure someone to enter in your zone and steal the data. This facility is currently not available on Outlook. As you are desired to use Gmail services on Outlook client program, so every time you try to login in your Outlook account and accessing Gmail’s data, Google will need the mobile code to further proceedings. Here we are into another problem, let’s walk with us and solve the issue for permanent.

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and go to My account.
  • Here you see Sign in and security box, scroll down to app passwords.
  • It will take you to a new Window and authenticate it’s you by asking the password to continue.
  • Here you can have a one-time password set up for the applications or software which do not support the two-factor authentication.
  • Just enter a password. No worries, it will not ask this password again.
  • Under the Select App, chose Mail.
  • And then choose the Windows computer as a selective device.
  • Once you tap on the generate option, you will get a password, have it and tap on jump onto the next step.

Adding the Gmail account to Outlook.com

Now, you have set up a system where the mail clients can access your Gmail. You need to create a network or system so that here on Outlook you get all messages without any interference.

  • Here you need to open Outlook account and on the left corner tap on the file.
  • In the next panel, you see different options, make sure you are on Info tab and click on the Add account button.

  • It will ask you to provide the Email address of the account, put it Gmail address and click on the connect button.
  • Now, Outlook will require your Gmail password, put it here and click on the connect button. In the next step, it will ask you the password what we had created before the app password. Enter that password here and connect.

  • If you see any error, you may not have provided the right app password, in our testing as well, they just required us to provide the password again and we did it correctly.
  • When you see the setup has correctly completed in our computer, and you can uncheck the setup outlook in a mobile phone as you already have a Gmail application on your phone. If you have installed the latest version of Outlook, it will not ask you the Gmail’s connection setting manually, otherwise, it will ask some simpler details and you can get it provided easily.

Accessing Gmail via Microsoft Outlook

Once you are done with setting up all the stuff, you can easily access Gmail in outlook. Remember, in one outlook account you can have more than one Gmail or Hotmail account.

You can switch in between the accounts using the tabs provided on the left side. Click on the arrow to expand any of the Gmail accounts and use them to send/receive emails.

Add your contacts, settings, calendars, alarms in Outlook:

You can without any hiccup proceed to use your Gmail account in outlook and few tweaks will add the cherry on the cake. If you are planning to use your Gmail account on the outlook, it will ideal to use it as a default.

  • In your outlook account go to File > Info  and tap on Account Settings.
  • On the Email tab, you select Gmail address and choose as a default.
  • This was all about creating an outlook account and configuring your old Gmail account in the outlook for better usage.
  • Outlook offers the users an extensive range of features and services, the finest client exchange server application to get your stuff sorted.
  • Here on IMAP keeping everything in order is easier and manageable, you decide what you want to do and get it done without any hiccup.

That’s it for now. This is the most complete guide for newbie about www.outlook.com and outlook 365 login. How can a new user create an account for outlook, and do its basic settings.

We look forward to help our users if they get into any trouble in these steps!

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