How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022

Here, you can learn  How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022  If your computer is running slow, you’ve come to the right place.

We made a list of the most effective ways to speed up Windows 10.

Using PC boosters, updating drivers, running scans, and more are some of them.

How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022, keep reading.


Windows 10 needs to run faster if you want it to be faster.
We have help.
In just a few minutes, you can try out these tips. Your computer will be faster and less likely to  How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022
It isn’t just hardware that is getting faster. Software, too, and Windows 10 is no different.
As far as start-up time goes, if you upgrade from Windows 7 or earlier, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your computer is ready to work again.
There are other things to think about after you’re up and running, though.
Even the most up-to-date version of Windows isn’t safe from slowdowns.



If you want to speed up your computer, a lot of stories say that you should turn off some of the more fun features, like visual animations. This is not a good idea.
Most of our tips show you  How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022 without having to change how it looks or how it works.
Most of them are also free, but some require you to buy some software or hardware to use them, which costs money.
A few of the tips at the end can help people who have older, low-power computers and want to speed things up but don’t care about fancy extras.



Those “Speed up your PC!” ads for registry cleaners can be dangerous, so be careful when you see them.
Not at all: Microsoft does not support the use of registry cleaners for Windows 10.

How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022

1. Check how much RAM is being used and close all the background processes.

2Right-click the taskbar, then choose Task Manager.

3Make sure you’re in the Performance tab of Task Manager to see how much RAM is being used (that includes a Memory graph that shows you the amount of RAM in use).

4You can click the Processes tab to see what is going on.
In this case, your software is open in your taskbar and running in the background.

5 Select the background processes you want to close, then press the End task button for each one (do not close the more essential processes listed under Windows processes).

How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022


2:Change how much power you use.

It will take longer for your computer to run if you use the “Power saver” plan in Windows 10.
That plan slows down your computer in order to save electricity.
Computers even have “Power saver” plans.
“High performance” is a new power plan that lets you use more electricity than “Power saver.”

How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022


3:It is time to run a Tune-Up Utility.

He’s found that most of them do improve PC performance, even if it’s only a small boost.
There are, of course, a lot of bad downloads out there that say they can speed up your computer, so be sure to stick with Wilson’s list of products that have been tried How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022
Iolo System Mechanic is the best at what it does, but other products are worth a look at because they have a wide range of features and cost a lot less than Iolo.


4:When you want to run at a higher speed, move the power slider.

Windows thinks you want a computer that doesn’t use a lot of energy.
It’s true, but you can trade electricity for speed.
Tips like this one depending on whether or not your PC allows them:
If you’re using a laptop, you’re more likely to see the “power slider” than if you’re using a desktop.
For example, if you have a laptop, this means that it will run faster for games, but it will drain your battery faster.How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022

5:Turn on “Game Mode” now.

The Creators Update adds a new feature called “Game Mode.”
There isn’t a way to stay in Game Mode all the time, but you can turn it on by pressing the Windows Key + G.
However, you must first set Game Mode on.

Windows 10 Creators Update has a new feature called Game Mode. To turn it on, go to Settings > Gaming. Then click on “Game Mode.”
Tap the switch next to Game Mode to turn it off.

How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022


6:Using the System File Checker is a good way to see if there are any

The System File Checker is a maintenance tool that can fix corrupt system files. It’s not very well known, though.
How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022
To use the System File Checker, type cmd into the Windows search box and click on the Run as administrator option that comes up.
If you type in sfc /scannow and then press Enter, the scanning process will start. It could take a long time.

7:Remove crapware

Though the situation is getting better, some new computers still have unnecessary software installed by PC makers.
A couple of years ago, we tested a Lenovo PC that had nearly 20 “helper” programmes on it. These programmes would sometimes unnecessarily pop up and interrupt what we were doing on the computer, and we didn’t like that How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022


8:Undo some of the appearance options.

People who use Windows work very hard to make the screen easy for them to see.
If your computer isn’t powerful enough, you might want to give up some looks in order to get How to Better PC Performance in Windows 10 2022

9:Turn off the effects.


If you want to turn off all the visual effects in Windows, it’s very simple to do.



Take a look at “System > Advanced system settings.”


The tabs above say “Advanced.” You can choose that one.


To change settings, go to Performance.


Left-click the radio button for “Adjust for best performance” to turn off all of the animations.

10:Add more RAM to your computer to make it run more quickly.

There is a lot less RAM used by Windows 10 than there was in previous versions. However, increasing RAM memory has been a tried-and-true way to speed up devices for years.

For a laptop that can be turned into a tablet or laptop, you’ll likely have to settle for what came with the box.
Some business and gaming laptops let you add more RAM, but it can still be hard to figure out how to do it.

Computers with more RAM are much simpler to add, and it costs a lot less to do so, too.
Anyone who knows a little about the inside of a desktop tower can add more RAM in an hour or so.


11:Using third-party software, you can make the drives work better

Computers and laptops can run slower if they have old drivers, and some hardware might not work properly if the drivers aren’t the most up-to-date.
There are some computer issues that can be hard to fix, especially when it comes to corrupt repositories or missing Windows files.
If you can’t figure out how to fix an error, your system may be broken in parts.
The tool Restoro can help you figure out what’s wrong with your computer.

12:Tips and tricks on how to turn off your computer

As you use your Windows 10 computer, Windows keeps an eye on what you’re doing and gives you advice about things you might want to do with the software.
When I’ve tried to use these “tips,” I haven’t found them very useful at all.
In addition, I don’t like the idea that Windows is always looking over my shoulder in the same way.

13:Clean up your hard drive

Type Disk Cleanup in the Start menu.
This opens the Disk Cleanup tool that has been a part of Windows for a long time.
Using Disk Cleanup, you can get rid of a lot of junk on your computers, like temporary files, offline Web pages, and installer files. You can choose to get rid of them all at the same time.
Recyclable bins may even be bulging at the seams.

14:Check your Internet connection to make sure it works.

You don’t have to blame your internet provider for slow internet speeds. It’s a lot more complicated than that, though.
In this case, it’s your Wi-Fi.
You might have a hard time getting a strong Wi-Fi signal if you live in an apartment complex because of things like channel congestion and Wi-Fi signals that overlap.

15:A startup SSD might be a good thing to think about.

Having a startup solid-state drive (SSD) can help your computer run faster when it first starts up. This can help relieve some of the stress on the processor when your computer starts up.
As someone who often runs a lot of different programs at the same time, having a startup drive can make these programs run better and load more quickly.

16:Improve the speed of context menus by making them faster.


Using the Win key and R, type Regedit into the Run box.


Take a look at this registry key:


Double-click MenuShowDelay to open the Edit String window that is right next to it.


Remove the default value of 400 and write something like 270 in its place, then save your changes.


Press the OK button to close the Edit String window and move on to the next one.


You can close the Registry Editor and right-click the Windows desktop to open the context menu a little faster than before, so you can get to it faster.

There are a lot of ways to speed up Windows 10. Which one is the best?

Users who want to improve their computer’s speed the most and spend the least money on speeding things up should do in-place repair.
You can also do a factory reset if you’re willing to lose some of the programs you already have on your computer.
Programs that aren’t well-written are the main reason for a slowdown.
Getting rid of or improving that software usually solves most performance problems.


It’s all about this in the end.

If you’re having trouble loading apps or your computer is running slowly, it’s usually just a matter of making a few small changes to make it run better.
Make sure to check again to see if there is malware, spyware, or a virus that is making your computer run slow or lag.
Finally, you can look into what else might be causing problems so you can speed up, keep your computer in good shape, and check how well it works.

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