PDF 101: Learn More About PDFBear’s Most Useful Tools That You Didn’t Know About

There are no words that can describe how much of a big help PDFBear is. Not that long ago, PDF tools weren’t so popular, unlike nowadays, since most people are using PDF as their primary platform for their essential files. With that, you need to know what PDFBear’s most useful tools are. 

Split PDF

PDFBear has done an excellent job by providing its users with some great PDF tools that are very helpful and reliable. With that, if you’re looking for a PDF tool right now that can split pdf file online, then the Split PDF of PDFBear is more than enough for you. If you haven’t tried using the Split PDF, you don’t need to worry; simple steps will be provided for you.


PDFBear has the most accessible Split PDF tool in the market right now. If you’re new and you haven’t tried using this tool, then here’s a little tutorial for you. You should go to PDFBear’s main website, and from there, try to find Split PDF. Once you’re inside Split PDF’s page, you need to upload your file to the system and select the pages that you want to be removed.


You don’t need to worry about any charges when using PDFBear since most of its features and tools are all for free, which is just amazing. Although, if you want to take advantage of PDFBear’s advanced features, you can make use of PDFBear’s 14-days free trial. With this, you’ll be able to experience its advanced features for a few days without paying anything.

Merge PDF

PDFBear also provides a unique feature which is called Merge PDF. The Merge PDF will allow you to combine a multiple or single PDF file that you want. The merging process is still the same. Once you upload your file to PDFBear’s Merge PDF system, you can start selecting the files that you want to be merged, and the system will do the rest.


PDFBear’s Merge PDF feature is a very convenient feature to have. It’s swift, accurate, and reliable. With Merge PDF, you don’t need to worry about merging some delicate information such as financial records, programs, codes, images, and other PDF file information that you don’t want to lose.


PDFBear also added an exceptional privacy and security feature to all of its tools. With this privacy feature, all of the crucial information you’ve saved into PDFBear’s system will be deleted or removed once you finish a particular process, such as merging or splitting PDFs.

Delete Pages From PDF

With PDFBear’s Delete Pages tool, removing and deleting PDF files is more than manageable. You can even select multiple pages that you want to delete, and the system will remove those pages or files in the blink of an eye. The process is still pretty much similar to how you use the other tools that have been mentioned here, which makes this tool very convenient.


Removing some pages is essential, especially if you want to get rid of some unusable information from your PDF. However, some unreliable PDF sites on the internet aren’t as precise as PDFBear’s Delete Pages From PDF tool, which sometimes results in losing some invaluable information.


To prevent any cases such as losing important information, don’t settle for a low-quality PDF site or tool. If you need to do something related to PDF, all you have to do is go to PDFBear and use it as your main source for your PDF tasks. The Delete Pages is one best example of the said reliable tools of PDFBear.


PDFBear has all the tools that you needed for any PDF tasks. Not choosing PDFBear as your main PDF workhorse is a no brainer. PDFBear doesn’t only provide excellent merging, splitting, and deleting features. It also has tons of different PDF tools, such as converting your PDF into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and vice versa.

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