TOP Best 12 Picasa alternative 2022

What is Picasa alternative 2022?

Picasa was a powerful picture organizer and editor that was available at the time.
However, Picasa’s demise in 2016 left many of us scratching our heads about Picasa’s alternative.

The following services have moved to Google Photos, but if you’d want to check out some of the other features, we’ve found the finest Picasa alternative for you.

What About Picasa alternative 2022?

Picture management, retouching, and sharing are all made easier with the Picasa photo management software download from Google Picasa’s alternative.
Storage up to 1 GB is free for local applications and the internet.
Picasa Web Albums is popular software in the Photos & Graphics category and is available online.
For Windows, Mac, Online / Web-based, Linux, and iPhone, there are over 50 Picasa alternatives to choose from.
FastStone Image Viewer is the finest alternative.
Because it’s not free, your options are limited to digiKam or nomacs.
You may also use XnView MP, Adobe Lightroom, IrfanView, and ImageGlass instead of  Picasa’s alternative. (Free, Open Source).

TOP Best 12 Picasa alternative 2022

1. ACDSee – Photo Studio Home

In terms of photo management software, Photo Studio Home is a full-featured cloud-based solution with powerful editing and management tools and Picasa’s alternative.
It alters pictures on your hard disc while acting as a desktop photo organizer.
As well as cropping and slideshow creation, Photo Studio Home has a slew of helpful features including blemish treatment, red-eye removal, album classification, and text controls.
Face recognition, light equalization, lighting/exposure adjustments, special effects, vignetting, sharpen/blur tools, and metadata are just a few of the other tools available to users to help them improve and organize their pictures like professionals.
ACD Systems, the company behind Picture Studio Home, has been making photo and video editing software for almost two decades Picasa’s alternative.

2. Luminar 4

If you’re looking for one-click image editing solutions  Picasa’s alternative with the ability to dive deep into a picture to create a unique appearance, then Luminar 4 is your best bet in 2022

3:Windows Photo Gallery

You’ll feel perfectly at home using Windows Photo Gallery since it’s a familiar program Picasa’s alternative
When it comes to picture editing apps, this one offers the most user-friendly interface by far.
While it lacks Picasa’s storage solution, it’s a fantastic tool for keeping track of all the photos on your computer.

4. Flickr

When it comes to picture storage, Flickr is a clear leader of Picasa’s alternative.
You may even share photos with others with this simple-to-use picture organizer.
It allows you to discover people in your neighborhood who inspire or inspire you.
No matter how good a picture is, it will still upload well if it is left uncompressed.

5:FastStone Image Viewer

It is a quick picture viewer, converter, and editor that is also reliable and user-friendly.
Image viewing, administration, comparison, red-eye reduction, emailing and resizing, cropping, and color changes are just some of the capabilities available in Picasa’s alternative

6:Zoner Photo Studio X

This photo editing program is a great mix of image organizers and editors, and it contains all the tools you’ll need to improve your photos like an expert.
RAW, GIF, PNG, JPG, and PDF are all supported by the program.
In addition, it provides a wide range of picture editing options, including 38 different creative effects, Developer Mode, a cloning tool, and more of Picasa  alternative


Dropbox is the second-best  Picasa alternative on our list.
It’s a flexible platform with a user-friendly interface, therefore it’s on our list.
Excellent picture management tools are included with it, so you can keep track of and share all of your photographs in one place at all times.

8: XnView

For those looking for a powerful picture viewer for Windows 10, XnView is a must-have.
XnView’s picture management capabilities outshine those of any other Google Picasa alternatives.

9. Darktable

You can edit JPEG pictures in Darktable as well, so you can make the most of the photos you capture on your mobile device.
While it lacks some of Lightroom’s more advanced capabilities, Darktable is a superior photo editor to Picasa alternatives.

10: Microsoft Photos

For Windows PCs and devices (including HoloLens and Xbox One), Microsoft Photos is a simple and easy-to-use software that comes pre-installed Picasa alternatives.


With Photoscape Picasa alternatives it’s easy to create and modify unique effects on your photos.
It offers a wide range of functions, such as simple editing and repairing, batch editing, creating collages, creating gifs from numerous pictures, and screen capture and photo splitting, among others.


To begin, IrfanView is a strong tool for professionals since it supports a wide range of files and formats.
Batch conversion/editing, page alignment, directory browsing, painting, and slideshows are just a few of the many useful capabilities Picasa alternatives
Multiple adjustments may be made by photographers all around the globe using it.

Lastly, let me say this:

You may find many alternatives to Google Picasa, ranging from freeware for casual users to paid software for experts.

With so many apps available, it doesn’t matter what platforms or devices you use to edit and organize your pictures. Please let us know in the comments below if you need help deciding amongst these Picasa alternatives. We’ll be glad to provide our advice.

Who Are Your Favorite Picasa Alternatives to Google Picasa?

Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion of our look at the top Google Picasa alternatives.
All of the applications on this list have been personally tried by me, so I can attest to their quality.
One piece of software on this list may be better for you than the others depending on your specific needs.
For example, Amazon Prime Photos is a fantastic choice if you just need storage; but, it is not designed for picture editing Picasa alternatives.
But although Fastone and IrfanView are excellent for on-device organizing, they don’t provide cloud storage as a feature of either software.
Also, there’s Adobe Lightroom, which does everything but is prohibitively expensive.
So as you can see, the possibilities are many.
Let us know in the comments which alternative to Google Picasa you choose after you’ve discovered it.

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