What is picrew.me?

Picrew is an image-maker program that enables you to build an image-maker with your designs and operate with the image-maker you made.

Operate with Picrew

By the Picrew producer’s image-maker, you can join your favorite things to create images and characters.

Download the created image or give it to everyone on SNS and enjoy it.

How to Operate Picrew

Start with Picrew

By the Picrew  Should you always believed, “I need to get a mark maker with my design!”?

With Picrew, all of your containers organize your image maker just by reading an image.
Let’s get your image-maker with your designs.

To Make Picrew

Picrew Terms And Condition 

Step 1 Introduction

  1. These Terms of Use (from now on related to as “Terms and Condition Use”) specify the terms of use of this setting (defined in Step 2) provided by Tetrachroma Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as “Company”). is. All users (from now on referred to as “users”) must use this service by this agreement.
  2. Using this service, the user is deemed to have agreed to all the contents of this agreement.

Step 2 Definition

  1. “Service” means services related to “Picrew” and “Picrew”.
  2. “User” is a general term for people who use this service regardless of whether or not they are registered as members.
  3. “Registered user” means a user who has registered to use this service based on Step 3.
  4. “Creator” means a user who has registered for use as a “Picrew Creator” based on Step3.
  5. “Registered email address” means the email address registered by the registered user as account information.
  6. “Material” means the material provided by the creator to this service.
  7. “Image” means an image created by the user by combining the Materials

Step 3 User registration

  1. Those who wish to use this service shall apply for registration by the method prescribed by the Company after agreeing to this agreement.
  2. The Company may not approve the application for usage registration if it determines that the applicant for usage registration has the following reasons. In addition, we shall not be obliged to disclose the reason.
    1. When applying for registration without using the method in paragraph 1.
    2. When the application is from a person who has violated this agreement
    3. In addition, when we judge that the usage registration is not appropriate

Step 4 Management of account information

  1. This service uses the registered e-mail address as the user ID.
  2. Registered users shall register available e-mail addresses belonging to their management as registered e-mail addresses. If the registered e-mail address no longer belongs to your control, you shall promptly change it to a usable e-mail address that belongs to your control.
  3. The user shall manage the user ID and password of this service at his / her own risk.
  4. The user may not transfer or lend the user ID and password to a third party under any circumstances.
  5. If the combination of user ID and password matches the registered information and you are logged in, we will consider it to be used by the user who registered that user ID and will not take any responsibility.

Step 5 Withdrawal

  1. Registered users shall be able to withdraw from this service by the method prescribed by the Company.
  2. Article 8 shall remain in effect even after withdrawal.

Step6 User Responsibility

  1. The user shall use this service at his / her own risk. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user as a result of use.

Step 7 Usage restrictions and deletion of information

  1. In the following cases, we may delete the posted data, restrict the use of all or part of this service to the user, or forcibly withdraw the user without prior notice. I will.
    1. If you violate any provision of this agreement
    2. If you do not use this service for a long period of time
    3. In addition, when we judge that the use of this service is not appropriate
  2. In the case of any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the user naturally loses the profit of the deadline for all debts to the Company and must immediately repay all the debts borne at that time in a lump sum.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to the actions taken by the Company based on this article.

Privacy Policy Of Picrew

Tetrachroma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has established the following personal information protection policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”), established a mechanism for protecting personal information, and made all employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information. We will promote the protection of personal information by thoroughly implementing the efforts.

1 Management of personal information

2 Purpose of use of personal information

3 Use of cookies

4 Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

5 Disclosure of personal information

6 Compliance and review of laws and norms

7 Inquiries

Contact Us Of Picrew

Thank you for using Picrew.
Please contact us using the applicable inquiry form.

We will keep you posted on Twitter for maintenance information. Please also check.














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