Picuki What is it

Picuki What is it?

Using Picuki, you may download all the images and photographs from an Instagram account.
Downloading images from a particular ID does not need an account or log-in.
To see all of an IG account’s publicly posted photographs, just enter the account ID of the image you want to download.
Picuki also offers some wonderful huge features, such as the ability to edit other people’s post photographs online, whether it is to add filters, crop, change colour, contrast, etc., you can all do.


What is Picuki and how can I use it?

Picuki has two primary modes of operation.

Method 1 – Searching for an account

1:Picuki, an online Instagram picture downloader, may be accessed by clicking the link below.

2. Picuki is an internet service that allows you to download Instagram photos (editable)

3:The Picuki homepage is the first thing you see when you arrive at the site.
In order to utilize Picuki, all you have to do is type in the Instagram account of the other person straight on the website.

4:Once you’ve entered the IG account, Picuki will show you all the IGs that are associated with it, and it’s typically quite easy to discover the one you’re searching for.
Once you’ve found the Instagram account you’re searching for, click the “Enter” button.
For example, I’d like to mention Cristiano Ronaldo, a great football player.

5:Upon entering the Instagram account, you will see that Picuki has included all of the photographs and images from the IG postings, as well as a couple of the posts from the IG account.

6:To begin browsing the IG account’s posts, just click on “Browse All.”
Once you’ve found the post from which you want to download the image, just click the “enter” button.

7:if you wish to download the image after uploading it, just click “Download” to do so, and the IG image on Picuki will be downloaded in its original dimensions; this will prevent the thumbnail from shrinking in size.


Method 2 – Searching for hashtags

Following these steps will let you search for Instagram photographs based on hashtags.

  • Go back to Picuki and use the search function.
  • In order to find a certain hashtag, type it in and then hit the “search icon.”
  • Tap “Tags” at the top of the search results to see what other people are searching for.
  • When you get a list of potential hashtags, just touch the one you wish to view.
  • You may browse through the results of a hashtag search to view the photographs that have been added to the site. The hashtag search results are now available.

In Picuki, how to edit a picture 1.

In Picuki, an online picture editing tool, you can modify other people’s Instagram images right from your browser.
Many other IG downloaders do not have this functionality.

When it comes to editing photos, Picuki is a great option since it allows you to apply filters, crop, alter exposure, contrast, saturation, and more all from the comfort of your browser.
You may download the photo immediately after making the necessary adjustments.

Other effective Instagram downloaders may be found in addition to Picuki.

Without signing in, you can see the article.

To watch Instagram stories on Picuki, you don’t even need to log in.

The Instagram story may be seen by following the procedures outlined below.

The first step is to find the Picuki tale of the person you’d want to view.

3:On the profile screen, choose “Stories.”


4:The narrative symbol at the bottom of the screen may be tapped.

5::You can now view Instagram stories without having to log into your account.

6:You may attempt to download the video to your smartphone if the narrative video does not play.

7:The video may also be seen by just downloading the file and opening it.

8:If you’ve followed the instructions, you should have no problem using the system.

Online, there are various questions about the Picuki utility.
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