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Welcome to our quick leveling  Poe Leveling Guide  in Patch 3.16.
This is meant to help players keep track of the important quests and the best way to complete them. If you want to level up quickly in a new league but not miss any important quests, this is the guide for you.
It doesn’t include all of the quests because they aren’t worth your time, even on a league starter.
If you are a person who likes to finish things, however, you can go against our advice as you see fit.

People who like to race can make even more improvements to this process to speed things up and be more efficient.
For example, you could choose not to go through the Labyrinth in the Lower Prison until you have two Quicksilver Flasks and a mobility skill. This way, you could save a little time.
For most people, though, this guide should show the fastest and easiest way to get where you want to go.

Depending on how powerful your character is, you can choose when to do the Labyrinth. We recommend that you always do it as soon as you can.
Depending on your level, you lose less time if the lab is still useful for your level. The power surge for many builds can be felt.


Logging off

It’s a good idea to log out of Character Selection when you start levelling your first character in a Poe Leveling Guide
It will be the same as if you had used a portal scroll to get back into the game.

“Exit to login Screen” or “Exit Path of Exile” can be very dangerous if you’re leveling on league launch. You’ll have to join the queue again if you do this.

Players who aren’t familiar with this trick can just hit “Exit to Character Selection” and then hit the ENTER key to log back in right away.
Also, you can use an AutoHotkey script to log out of character selection and go back to the main menu.


As a general rule, this means that:


There is a way to get into town for free. You can log out of the Character Selection screen and then back in again ( Poe Leveling Guide)

You don’t have to talk to people to get quests.

One man:
It’s easy to fight a one-man boss with everyone else out of the game.

Blinds mobs with flesh and stone.

Skitty bots move slowly and shock mobs. This is how they work: (15 percent damage)

The more Izaro lieutenants you keep alive at the end, the more keys you get at the end.

At level 50 and above, do all of the vaal side areas for 6-links. You can change the colours in the crafting bench to make them different colours.

Don’t worry about every single drop, but focus on sockets and links first.

You can vaal your skills with Vaal Orbs, which are made of 7 vaal gems and a sacrifice piece.

Molten shell is a very good skill to learn if you want to play hardcore games.

Essences make it easy to level up your crafting.

A magic or rare Rustic Sash, a Blacksmith Whetstone, and a weapon will be sold to the vendor, and they will make a Magic Sash.
same weapon type (40 to 64 percent )
Physical damage has risen.

This is what you can get from the vendor if you sell him a Chain Belt (magic or rare) with a Blacksmith Whetstone and a Dagger, Sceptre, Staff or Wand (10 to 29 percent )
Increasing the damage done by your spells

You can sell to a business.
Orb of Alteration + Orb of Change = Weapon that can add x to x Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage to Spells.

You can sell to a business.
White Boots + Any rareness
Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation = Magic Boots that move 10% faster.

You can sell to a business.
Magic or rare boots that give you more movement speed and are of a certain rarity.
With a Quicksilver Flask and an orb of augmentation, you get magic boots.


Act 1:

A crafting recipe comes after Brutus, but it’s not worth getting Poe Leveling Guide

If you want to buy movement speed boots, search for “nn” in the search function. This is thanks to /u/Door2doorcalgary who brought this up.

All of the small blues should be brought to the vendor. They can be used to change the shards.

Wait until you’re at least level 10-12 to learn about league rules.

Don’t wear chest armour. Chest armour slows your movement speed, so don’t wear it.

An orb of colour is made when you sell tri-color tri-links to vendors, so this is how it works:

You should kill blue mob groups as soon as you can. Rare mobs aren’t worth the time it takes to kill them, so don’t bother with them.

Many times, Frostblink is better than dash. Frostblink does damage.

When you free Navali, you get to read about the future.


Act 2:

Tips: It’s still better not to wear chest armour, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Use the search function to look for movement speed boots at the vendor. Type “nn” in the search box.

When you do Einhar’s quest, you get the chance to make a unique animal (because of the smaller pool of unique items to choose from, you have a higher chance to get a Tabula)

You can start working on the league mechanics right now, if you want.

Some times, it’s good to go back and check the vendors at the beginning of Act 2.

In Act 1, you can go to the [Waypoint] to go back to the town of [Act 2]. When you log out, you’ll be in Act 2 instead of 1!

If you want to sell Armourer’s Scrap for a scroll of identification, you can Poe Leveling Guide

Act 3:

You don’t need to go back to Act 1 or 2 Poe Leveling Guide

Look for 4-link chests for lvl 31 from vendors and on the ground now

The best way to get Orb of Transmutation shards is to find rare items and sell them for them.

For vaal gems, it’s worth going to the side areas.


act 4

Keep tabula out of aqueducts when you’re farming for them.

Aim for 60% + all Elemental Resistances, then use the crafting bench to make things (Orb of Transmutations)

The more types of Elemental Resistances that an item has, the more likely it is to be useful Poe Leveling Guide

When you get Delve nodes, you don’t have to do a delve right away.

—== act 5

The best thing to do is to use a granite flask when you start making your own wine.

Pick up all small rare items that fit in 4 of the 5 slots.

Level gems when you load into zones Poe Leveling Guide

Take care only if you don’t have the vaal skills you want.

Act 6:

Tips: You can try to be resist capped (75%) by making things in Hideout Poe Leveling Guide

If your skills allow, use rarety on the kill support gem to get better loot when you die.

Act 7:

The best thing to do is to buy a flask made of granite, like this one.

Beasts that are worth doing are hard to find Poe Leveling Guide

Keep flasks that last ( worth 3-4 chaos beginning league)

It starts again with vaal areas at level 50


Act 8:

None of the above choices matched the Sarn Ramparts.
The Sarn camp is where people live.

The Toxic Conduits are sold by the vendor.

In this order: The Toxic Conduits Doedre’s Cesspool
Kill Doedre the Evil with the Cauldron, then get rid of her body (stay melee range use granite flask)

Sewage Flow Outlet
get a way point
Waypoint and making a ”
There is a quay.

The Ankh of Eternity is given to the Quay by the Lord.
When you go to the Resurrection Site, you talk to Clarissa and kill Tolman.


Act 9:

Tips: Pay attention to how quickly and how long things move.
Take a look at the predictions
Don’t forget to make a resistance cap in your hideout while you are there.
Can go to the Blood Aqueduct and do Delve. Ziz can do both.
You go to act 1 and get skill gems and two 3 socketed wands so you can level them up. Then, you can vaal a level 20/20 gem to get level 21 Poe Leveling Guide

Act 10:

Save Bannon by going to The Cathedral Rooftop / Cathedral Apex and telling him that you love him.
There was a lot of damage to the Cathedral Rooftop Poe Leveling Guide
In The Ravaged Square, make Town PortalTown Portal on the bridge before WaypointWaypoint. Then take the WaypointWaypoint to town vendor, and take the Town PortalTown Portal back to The Ravaged Square with you again.
This is the area that has been damaged ( if hc you can skip Vilenta is Rippy)
They are the Control Blocks. Take the WaypointWaypoint skill to find holes in gates so that you can move faster.

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