Private Watch Party

What is Private Watch Party?

You may arrange a Paragon Private Watch Party on our website or on the Paragon mobile app.
You simply need to reserve the space, and then we will immediately contact out you within 24hrs to confirm all the features of your visit!
Just choose your favorite theatre, date, and showtime to secure the auditorium.

How can I help you?

• Use the Paragon Mobile App to book a Private Watch Party online.

Each venue, date, and time has its own unique pricing structure.

• Blu-ray discs and streaming content starts at $99 each.
Location, date, and time all affect pricing.)

• New or recently released movies are priced at $149.99.

A maximum of 20 people may attend a viewing party at one time.
There is a wide range in the size of parties in different places.

A three-hour Private Watch Party is included in the package price.

FAQ for Private Watch Party

An auditorium for a private  Watch Party costs how much?

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the auditorium rental charge ranges from $99 to $149.99 for a maximum of twenty people (party sizes vary per venue).
Only the auditorium may be rented for the duration of the event for the price shown above.
The rental charge does not include tickets or food.
Streaming and Blu-ray entertainment is available for $99 a month.
For new releases and current showings, the price is $149.

Does the Private Watch Party allow outside food?

There are no exceptions to this rule, so please bring your own food and drinks.

How long will the Private Watch Party last?

For the Private Watch Party, three-hour time periods are available for renting the auditorium.


Please tell me how to make an appointment for a Private Watch Party.

Please fill out the online form to request a private watch party.

Q: How can I make changes or cancel a Private Watch Party that has been confirmed?

A: Within seven business days of the event, all Private Watch Party reservations are final and refunds are not permitted.
Rescheduling a private watch party for a later date is not possible within seven business days of the original event date.

For a private Watch party, how do I pay?

You must pay in full at the time of confirmation of your private watch party through a credit card.

TOP Private Watch Party  Best 11 Alternative Sites

Private Watch Party is advertised as a way to ‘browse and watch programs with anybody as you usually would on or with anyone.
When using Watch Party, you can be confident that everyone in the group is viewing the same thing since it automatically synchronizes everyone’s playback.
The number of Watch Party alternatives is well over a tenth, and they run the gamut from online/web-based to Windows/Mac/Chrome/Linux.
Meta stream is the greatest free and open-source alternative.
The freemium applications StreamParty, Hyperbeam, Kosmi, and Telepathy are all excellent alternatives to Watch Party (Free).


With Metastream, you may view online videos with your friends in real-time.
For group viewing, it synchronizes material from different websites.
Together, watch or listen:
Once you’ve started a session, you may invite your friends to join by sending them a code you created.

Metastream Alternative Site







Using Netflix Party, you can share your screen with your friends and participate in a real-time discussion while watching Netflix.
The app is only compatible with Netflix and Chrome.

Netflix Party Alternative Site




4:Squad for web (Acquired by Twitter)


3:YouTube Sync

In the case of a YouTube-based watch party, you may not even need to install an app.
If you’re looking for a new way to share your YouTube videos with friends, YouTube Sync is a great option for you to consider.

YouTube Sync Alternative Site







With Teleparty, you may load a movie from Netflix, Disney+, HBO, or Hulu and share a party link with your friends to watch it together.
You may talk with each other on the sidebar of Teleparty when your friends join.

Teleparty Alternative Site

Google Play Chrome Extension



Netflix Hangouts0.3 Helper0.19.12


Your long-distance lover may join you online to watch a movie, you and your friends can watch it together, or you can binge watch anime with your closest buddy.
When you’re separated, Hyperbeam helps you maintain a sense of closeness.

Hyperbeam Alternative Site


There are a new Watch Party app for certain (but not all) Prime videos on Amazon’s Prime Video service.
All participants must be Prime members in order to watch at the same time.
If you’re using Safari or Internet Explorer, you won’t be able to use it.
Only the host is able to stop, fast forward, or rewind in this beta version of the software.



2:Squad for web (Acquired by Twitter)

3:Video Party




To play couch co-op games online, you need a service like Parsec that streams whole games to your peers.

Parsec Alternative Site






8:Disney+ GroupWatch

There is a built-in tool in Disney+ called GroupWatch that may let you sync movies and TV series with friends.
In addition to the Disney+ app, GroupWatch is accessible on smart TVs, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Disney+ GroupWatch Alternative Site

1:HBO Now

2:HBO Go

3:BBC iPlayer

5:ABC iview


SNES Party, NES Party, OpenArena, Poker, Virtual Cardtables, Synced YouTube, and Cowatch Video are just few of the games and apps available on Kosmi, a free real-time application and communication platform.

Kosmi Alternative Site







Video chatting is available on both TwoSeven and TwoSeven, however, TwoSeven offers a wider range of services.
You may use it to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, YouTube, and Vimeo, in addition to all of the above.
You may also use the app with Hulu and Disney Plus if you pay a monthly price.

TWO SEVEN Alternative Site


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