Protect your subdomains with a Wildcard SSL

If you have multiple subdomains and are looking to ramp up your website security, a Wildcard SSL is the way to go. A Wildcard protects the connections to one main domain and unlimited subdomains of one level linked to it. So for that would look like * (,, etc.)


Before we dive into more of the benefits of Wildcard SSLs, let’s give a brief primer on what SSL certificates do. 


An essential facet of website security

SSL certificates are responsible for enabling HTTPS on websites, ensuring that the connection between a user’s browser and the server where a website is stored is encrypted. This means that any data or information sent over this connection is rendered unreadable until it reaches its final destination. This ensures that sensitive information, from passwords to credit card details, cannot be hijacked and used for nefarious purposes by malicious third parties. While SSL has always been recommended, it has become all but mandatory these days, with all the major browsers and search engines pushing for full adoption by all websites.

3 benefits of a Wildcard SSL

Now that you understand the benefits of SSL certificates in general, here’s why you should get yourself a Wildcard:

  • You only have to keep track of a single certificate: Securing each subdomain with individual single-domain certificates is a recipe for confusion, particularly if you have a large number of them. Securing them under a single certificate consolidates your web encryption so that you only have one SSL certificate’s expiration date to remember instead of a whole bunch of them.

  • It’s the most affordable option: Expanding on the last point, having multiple single-domain certificates is also likely to get pricey fast. A Wildcard SSL is generally the cheaper option, particularly if you have a large number of subdomains.

  • It automatically covers any subdomain you create down the road: If you have big plans for the future of your website, your Wildcard SSL won’t get in the way of that; in fact, it will only serve to complement it. It will secure any new subdomain of one level you create automatically, meaning you won’t have to do any fiddling about with reissuing your SSL. You can be safe in the knowledge that your new subdomain is safe and secure. 


Wrap up

Sometimes the act of choosing the right SSL for your site can be confusing. But if you have a single domain with multiple single-level subdomains linked to it, a Wildcard SSL certificate is absolutely the way to go in terms of affordability, security, and convenience.

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