Python WebDriver Implementation for Selenium

In addition to being free and open-source, Selenium is a web application testing tool. Compared to QTP, Selenium only enables testing web-based applications, but QTP also supports testing desktop applications. There are several programming languages that Selenium can work with, one of which is Python. Selenium with Python allows us to communicate with the browser, send and receive keys, and get values. With Python, we can write programs that run on various browsers and are customized to match our requirements

Python selenium‘s advantages:

  • The source code:

For starters, the open-source nature of Selenium WebDriver with Python for automated testing is a significant plus. It includes all of QTP’s features, plus a few more, and it’s completely free. Because it’s community-based, it comes with support and may be downloaded directly from the website.

  • If you need help understanding a language.

Selenium WebDriver’s ability to run automated tests in several languages is a huge benefit. WebDriver may be used with any programming language, including Python, PHP, Java, C, Ruby, and JavaScript, which most testers are already acquainted with. Additionally, all of the main programming languages have bindings for this scripting language. It’s important that web developers have the freedom to choose any language they like to do their job.

Selenium WebDriver with Python supports Linux, UNIX, Mac, and Windows operating systems, unlike previous versions, which is a crucial benefit for automated testing. Their solution package may create a custom testing environment on any platform. WebDriver may be used on both Windows and Mac to design and test scenarios.

  • Tests Done on Different Browsers

The benefits of Selenium’s automated testing outweigh the disadvantages of previous versions. Cross-browser automated testing is now easier thanks to improvements in WebDriver. It’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Yandex browsers. WebDriver provides an automated way to do cross-browser testing on a website.

  • Support for a wide range of frameworks and languages:

The source code for WebDriver may be compiled using a variety of frameworks, such as Maven or ANT. Automated testing using Selenium WebDriver and Python frameworks like

TestNG is also possible. It may also be used for Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery by integrating with Jenkins.

  • Cross-device testing:

Automated testing using Selenium WebDriver and Python also benefits from support for a wide range of devices. Testing on iPhones, Blackberries, and Android smartphones can now be automated, making finding and fixing cross-device issues easier.

  • The Help of Others:

Selenium is the primary tool supported by the community, allowing for regular updates and improvements. No extra training is required for any of the updates since they are only distributed to those who need to know. Consequently, Selenium WebDriver with Python is both economical and beneficial.

  • Ease of Use: It is easy to implement.

For automated testing, Selenium WebDriver with python’s user-friendliness is often praised. The open-source aspect of the program allows users to script their extensions, enabling them to design unique actions that may be adjusted if the user achieves an expert level.

  • It’s possible to add more features and reuse the design.

To test for cross-browser compatibility, we use Selenium WebDriver and Python scripts. As a result, a tester may use WebDriver to perform a wide range of testing scenarios since it covers all functional testing domains. Automated testing with Selenium WebDriver has a considerable advantage thanks to add-ons that may be customized.

  • Browser Interactions on a Higher Level:

The back and forward buttons on your browser may be replicated with WebDriver. There are no open-source tools that can do automated testing in this case. This is a great way to try out new financial technology applications that don’t save cookies or cache in the user’s browser.

Python selenium has a slew of incredible advantages.

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