Rainbow Six Siege beginner guide: 6 tips to win in 2021

Who hasn’t heard of Rainbow Six Siege, and even if they haven’t heard of Rainbow Six, they must have seen streams on Twitch or clips of the game on other social media platforms. It is hard to believe that it has almost been six years since the release of this highly successful online tactical shooter game, and the craze for the game has been the same ever since. In fact, if one looks into the recent charts of the most downloaded and played games of 2020 and 2021, it will indicate that the craze is not going to ebb anytime soon.

But since the game is nearly six years old, it is even more difficult for newbies to win games in Rainbow Six Siege as, more often than not; they will play against highly experienced players. If you are such a player that could not wait to leave their mark on Rainbow Six Siege but isn’t able to, the following are some Rainbow Six Siege hacks that are sure to help you out.

Just follow the six tips mentioned below to the letter, and you will see a massive improvement in your Rainbow Six Siege gameplay.

  • Understand your team’s composition

The players’ role in Rainbow Six Siege is extremely crucial, even if you have played other online shooter games, Rainbow Six Siege would seem like a whole new ballgame if you don’t take time to properly understand your team’s composition. Hard breachers like Thermite and Hibana can easily punch through reinforced walls, which would offer more attacking options. Similarly, Buck and Zofia are soft breachers, and their primary usage is to pressure the site and deal with defenders’ gadgets like shields, cameras, etc. Different characters in Rainbow Six Siege have their own ability; understating them would determine whether you win or not.

  • Make use of the clock

Rainbow Six Siege is not just about killing your opposing team; there are other ways to win in Rainbow Six Siege, especially if you are the defending team.  Make use of the timer and save toxic grenades for later use when the time is low when the attackers are desperately looking to attack your position. Similarly, planting takes only five seconds in Quick and Unranked play, whereas planting in a ranked game will take seven seconds. Use Maestro’s plant denial strength to deal with this.

  • Listen to the surroundings

Sighting is not the only way to spot an enemy; keeping an ear on your surroundings could easily give you a couple of seconds when confronting an enemy. The sound effects in Rainbow Six Siege are excellent as they try to be as accurate as in real life. Break glass if you are in the room to hear the sound from the outside, make a hole in the door to hear the sound from the hallway; utilise this feature to the best of your abilities, and you will surely perform infinitely better in your next game.

  • Know the game modes and strategies according to that

In Rainbow Six Siege, there are three different types of modes available for one to conquer: Hostage, Bomb and Secure Area, and all three are entirely different from each other. So, you cannot just use the same strategy used in Hostage in a Secure Area as well. It just won’t work. Learn more about the game modes, your objectives, and then develop a strategy that would help you win that mode.

  • Make use of drones and cams

Drones and cameras are some of the most useful items one can utilise in Rainbow Six Siege. By using drones and cameras, you can get essential intel on the opposing team location, formation and make an educated guess about their strategy.

Although attacking players that are highly experienced would disable the cams and destroy the cams quickly, but if you place them strategically, it might be possible that some of them would be missed by the enemy combatants.

  • Play with Friends

Communication is the key to success in online tactical games, and Rainbow Six Siege is no different in that regard. Now, one can obviously play solo, but your chances for victory would be astronomically better if you play with your mates and use the voice chat to prepare your next moves. By using the chat feature, you can easily direct your friends where they should be going, how best to defend or attack a specific area and double team on the enemy players. And to top it all off, playing with friends is just more fun!

Rainbow Six Siege has become popular among beginners and you can follow some easy and effective tips to win. The above-mentioned tips are certainly effective when you want to play like a pro. Just follow all of them and improve your chances of winning in 2021.

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