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Main Point of Rocket Mortgage Squares

Once again, it’s that time of year!
It’s Super Bowl week, so it’s time to register for Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares.
We described how to play Super Bowl Squares.
Rocket Mortgage Squares are similar, but much more money is at risk.

Rocket Mortgage has developed squares for the big game so you can put your money on your belief and genuinely feel engaged in the outcome!
You can find everything you need to know about this fascinating take on traditional square pools.

What Are Rocket Mortgage Squares 2022?

Millions of Americans, die-hard football fans and casual watchers, have watched The Big Game more closely than usual over the last two years, expecting to win big every time a team on the field scores.
Since the inaugural competition in 2020, Rocket Mortgage Squares has given out a total of $3.3 million in prizes to 29 fans.

The competition is part of Rocket Mortgage’s long-standing partnership with the National Football League (NFL).
Entries must be presented by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, February 11, 2021.
There is no cost involved.

Squares of Rocket Mortgage Register Now

Rocket Mortgage Squares are free, so join now before you forget!
Click here to claim your free entry, and remember to share your link with your friends and family to get more entries!
We’ve been informed that if you share this post, you might get some super-special additional luck.

Sweepstakes for the Rocket Mortgage Postseason Rectangles 2022 (532 Prizes!)

Major Prizes (2): Each grand prize is worth USD 500,000 and is provided by Rocket Mortgage Squares (“Grand Prize”).
Each grand prize will be awarded to the grand prize winner through a cheque or direct deposit into an appropriate bank account.
The Sweepstakes will provide two (2) Grand Prizes.
Each Grand Prize has an ARV of $500,000.

First Prizes (up to 30): Each first prize is worth USD 50,000 and is provided by Rocket Mortgage  Squares(“First Prize”).
Each first prize will be paid to the winner by a cheque or direct deposit into an appropriate bank account.
There will be up to thirty (30) First Prizes available in the


Referral Sweepstakes Prizes: (500 total, 100 for every Referral Sweepstakes Drawing): A $100 gift card (“Referral Sweepstakes Prize”) is awarded to each Referral Sweepstakes winner rocket mortgage squares

What Are the Rules of Rocket Mortgage Squares?

After filling up your squares, find a companion and grab some snacks.
When more than one team in your row (or column) wins by the same number of points, you have a tie.
In such a case, the individual who made the first prediction wins!
The last person picked must wash the dishes or face another delightful punishment.

Rocket mortgage squares This year, a brand-new feature allows players to enter a weekly drawing to win a $100 gift card.
Each Friday during the competition, 100 winners will be picked randomly for prizes totaling $10,000.
With an extra $50,000 in prizes, this year’s game is bigger and better than ever.

What Is the Prize for Rocket Mortgage Squares?

In addition to the million-dollar major prize, there are other subsidiary prizes. 
So, how much does it cost to play? 
Participants pay $2 for one square every quarter and then urge their friends and family to purchase more rocket mortgage squares

What Are the Best Football Pool Squares to Select?

Because it is a safe bet, football pool players have traditionally favored the 50-50 lottery square.
For example, if your friends choose their top ten favorite teams and half of them win that week’s game, the pool is a winner, given they adequately selected at least one team rocket mortgage squares

Photographic Tips

  • If you want to win, make sure your choices are a divisional matchup (e.g., Patriots-Steelers or Seahawks-Cowboys).
  • On game day, points are awarded based on how each competition goes.
  • So, if a player throws two touchdown passes in a regular-season game, every square on the board representing that player’s team scores two points.
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Referral Sweepstakes  rocket mortgage squares Drawings:

  • Entry Period 1: 1/14/22
  • 2nd Entry Period: 1/21/22
  • Period 3 of entry: 1/28/22
  • 4th Entry Period: 2/4/22
  • 5th Entry Period: 2/12/22
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Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl LV Squares FAQs:

Are the rocket mortgage Super Bowl squares a legitimate wager?

Rocket Mortgage  Squares are genuine and authentic in every way.
Last year, some individuals won prizes from Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl squares and saw their dreams come true.

How do rocket mortgage squares work?

For a chance to win $50,000 during Super Bowl LV, you must register for free and choose your square on the game grid rocket mortgage squares
In addition, you will be instantly entered into the big prize drawing for $500,000.

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