Top Best 15 rufus alternative For Operating System 2022-2023

What is Rufus?

Rufus is devices like USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, and thumb drives may be formatted and made bootable using Rufus.

It’s particularly beneficial in the following situations:

To install the software, generate bootable USB installation media (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)

Flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS on a computer that does not have an operating system installed.

when a low-level utility is required to be used

Despite its little size, Rufus is well equipped to meet your needs!

Not to mention, Rufus moves quickly.
UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer, and the Windows 7 USB download tool all take longer to create a Windows 7 installation drive from an ISO using this program.
It also creates Linux bootable USBs from ISOs a little quicker.

Overview of  Rufus?

Windows IOS files and Linux distributions may be booted from a USB drive using Rufus, a popular program for this purpose.
Many computer experts prefer Rufus over any other program because of its small size and simplicity of use.
Other excellent Rufus Alternatives, on the other hand, provide comparable capabilities.

Rufus Alternatives Are Here To Stay

As a result, we’ll look at several fast and efficient alternatives to Rufus in this post.
The list also includes programs for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Ubuntu, as well as other operating systems.
macOS boot media may be built from a Windows device using these tools, or vice versa.
These programs may also be used to create a Linux-based Windows boot disc.
Alternatives to Rufus may be found here.

Top Best 15 Rufus alternative For Operating System 2022-2023

1.) PowerISO

Making live bootable discs is easy using Power ISO.
Additionally, it has the ability to convert a wide range of picture formats to ISO.
It’s a useful feature since ISO formatted picture files are widely used.

2. Etcher

Using Etcher, you may quickly and easily burn images on SD and USB flash drives using open-source and free software.
Different kinds of system images, such as ISO, IMG, and DMG are supported by Etcher.
Image Validation is a useful feature provided by this program.
Before flashing, it checks the removable drive and system image.

3:Media Creation Tool

Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool is the only software on our list designed especially for installing Windows 10 on PCs without a hitch.
There is a way to download and install Windows 10 and have it make a bootable USB drive for you instantly


Linux and other operating systems may be booted from a USB drive or partition using UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer), a cross-platform tool.

5:LinuxLive USB Creator

The LinuxLive USB Creator is a free and open-source program for creating a Live USB flash drive.

6:Fedora Media Writer

Facilitates the acquisition of specialised software, such as Sugar On A Stick (SOAS) and Fedora Design Suite.


If you want to build bootable USB sticks that include various operating systems, antivirus applications, penetration testing tools, and more, use YUMI, also known as Your Universal Multiboot Installer.

8: WoeUSB

WoeUSB is an excellent alternative to Rufus for creating bootable Windows USB sticks under Linux.
A Microsoft Windows USB Installer for GNU+ Linux has been identified as the source of the problem.

9:WLan Driver 802.11n Rel.

Multiple WLAN Driver Support through PC-Based Software

10: Universal USB Installer

It’s a Linux-based distro-specific Universal USB installer, as the name implies.
If you wish to flash both Windows and Linux-based image files, go with the Universal USB Installer.

11: Flash boot

FlashBoot is a fantastic way to restore or reinstall Windows from scratch.
Both a free and paid version are available for this program.
In contrast to the Free version, the Pro version is used to conduct a clone of an existing setup and generate a new bootable Windows copy on a USB.

12. Diskmaker X

The greatest Rufus replacement for Mac users is Diskmaker X.
It’s a tiny tool that can create a bootable macOS image on a USB flash drive automatically.
It’s a really straightforward procedure.
As soon as you launch the program, Spotlight will automatically locate the installation file on your computer.


Unix’s data duplicator command-line tool, known as dd, is used to copy and convert data between different formats..
Backing up and restoring a whole hard disc or a partition are both possible with this program.


UltraISO makes it simple to generate CD image files.
Create bootable CDs, audio CD images, and CD images from scratch using UltraISO. It can also handle DVD image files.
UltraISO is the tool you need if you want to learn how to create a CD image or modify an ISO image file.


Multi-Secure Boot UEFI by’switching-in’ various image files is supported.

The Best Rufus Alternative Is What You Need.

And with that, we conclude!
These were the finest bootable USB drive creators outside Rufus.

There are many choices available.

Everything is either free, cross-platform, or open-source in one way or another.
For Windows, Linux, and macOS users, there are a number of Rufus options to consider.












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