Sega is making a Game Gear Micro 2020

Sega is making a Game Gear Micro 2020
June 3, 2020

Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with another retro console, and it looks like it will be the smallest yet. Game Gear is a revival of MicroSega’s 8-bit handheld system that tried (and failed) to overtake Nintendo’s Gameboy.


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More news to be released later today via Japanese gaming news outlet Femitsu. Promo shots show that the system will run surprisingly well in at least one (great!) Game gear Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

An image initially printed on the Game Gear micro-landing page also revealed that the system would come in four colors – black, blue, yellow and red – and on October 6 this year in Japan at 4,980 yen or about  $ 50

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